The day before, 11 October, Kamchatka was robbed equestrian club “Ipodr”. Stole two black horses mares and a foal, which was used in the programs of rehabilitation of children with disabilities.

s=”maintext”>As found out the publication “Кам24″, the night before the missing animals were grazed together with other 25-th kilometer of the highway seaport – Airport, and the next morning they were missing. Carbines their seat belts were unfastened.

“Animals, we think, stole. One of the missing mares drove last year. Due to the fact that then there were witnesses who managed to find out who did it, and to return the animal,” – said the head of the club, Natalia Sokolova.

“Ipodr” addressed to the inhabitants of the Peninsula with the request to inform if the horse knows something. Two missing mares – black suit, with white spots on the face. One foot on the white “sock”. Foal – yellow with two black “socks”.

Kamchatka stolen horse and foal, who treated children with disabilities 12.10.2016

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