Student of the Moscow state University (MSU) Varvara Karaulov (Alexander Ivanov), accused of trying to join a banned terrorist organization “Islamic state” (ISIS, DAISH), in correspondence with her lover Ayrat Samatvam called Jihad “the salvation of the nation”. Earlier, during the court session, she also spoke about her understanding of the IG.

“Indeed, it is impossible without Jihad, then the nation is starting to die… In many ways ISIS are winning because of the right intentions, and the Chechens could not win, probably, lost,” – said in correspondence Karaulova and her lover, which was announced in the Moscow district military court (quoted by “Interfax”). While Karaulov was unable to answer the court’s question, about who could defeat the Chechens.

Earlier during the trial, the girl gave an explanation about his correspondence with different people. “I was waiting for an invitation from Ayrat Samatova and in may 2015 at the women’s club “Muslim” in WhatsАpp met a girl Iman, who lives in Germany with her husband and three children. She asked me if I wanted to go to Syria, where a Islamic state and announced the possibility to get married there,” said Karaulov.

On the question of the court Karaulov said that at that time had a vague idea of what the IG, and in the spring of 2015 did not know about the ban of this organization on the territory of the Russian Federation and the recognition of its terrorist, as the main source of information for her was her lover.

In 2015, as a second-year student of the faculty of philosophy of Moscow state University, Karaulova secret from the parents flew to Istanbul, where he was detained with a group of Russians, allegedly attempting to enter Syria. The girl managed to return June 12 with a flight from Istanbul, her recruiter was later arrested. Summer Karaulov was released after questioning without charge and then she changed her name and became Alexandra Ivanova.

28 October 2015 the girl was arrested, and on 10 November, she was charged with attempted participation in a terrorist organization. According to the materials of the case, the interrogation of Ivanov admitted his guilt. At the end of August this year it was reported that the investigation is completed and it threatens till 10 years of imprisonment.

The girl’s parents were told that she fell in love with the recruiter of Islamists, and her lawyer said that Karaulov “went to the man she loved” and no intentions to join ISIS she was not. The mother of the defendant Kira Karaulov also claimedthat her daughter was arrested because she refused again to chat with recruiters at the direction of Russian special services and is under their control. The National anti-terrorist Committee is denied.

Karaulov in correspondence with the recruiter called Jihad “the salvation of the nation” 02.11.2016

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