Contender for the title of world chess champion Russian Sergey Karjakin did not hide his satisfaction from the tie after the 12th game of the match against the Norwegian Magnus Carlsen. According to Russian grandmaster, he felt the uncertainty of the current champion, who at the last party does not have used to his advantage.

12th party, in which Karjakin was playing with black pieces, lasted 35 minutes and was the shortest in the match. GMS shook hands, having established by rules obligatory 30 moves.

“He actually changed all the figures, agreed to a draw. That is, if you’re playing white, you have a slight advantage, and he did not even try to develop… If he had a comfortable situation, he certainly would have played to win in white” – quoted Karjakin , RIA “Novosti”.

Champion and Challenger spent the agreed dozen matches with classical time control and won one victory, and the remaining 10 games ended in a draw. Account of their confrontation remains equal to 6:6.

The Russians said that the final draw with Carlsen feat, but it is not going to stop there.

“Of course, he’s a brilliant chess player and plays brilliantly as a classic and rapid chess. He is the current world champion, so clearly that what I was able to play with him 6:6 in classical chess, it is possible to tell, feat. But I’m not going to stop,” said the grandmaster.

The world champion will be determined on November 30 on a tie-break. Carlsen and Karjakin will play four games in rapid chess, one with white pieces will be the Russians.

In the case of conservation of parity will be held until five blitz matches consist of two games with the control of five minutes plus three seconds per move. If this does not help, then the opponents have the Armageddon match, in which the player white will have five minutes at four the enemy, but obliged to win.

Karjakin called feat his draw against Carlsen in the battle for the chess crown 29.11.2016

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