Russian Sergey Karjakin returned to Moscow from new York and told about the twists and turns of the match for the world chess championship from Norwegian Magnus Carlsen. According to GM, the key episode, it too respectfully treated his opponent.

Recall that the candidate has achieved the only victory over the champion in the eighth game of the match, but then lost their minimal advantage, losing in the 10th game.

In the key moment of the game, the Russians passed, which led to either a draw or a worse position at the Norwegian.

“Magnus Carlsen in the party was obliged to play to win, it was his penultimate white. And there was a psychological trap. That obvious piece sacrifice, the knight on f2 we both saw, but I was sure that Magnus isn’t “yawn” is so primitive. So I have this almost not considered. Maybe I’m too respectfully treated to Carlsen and had to behave more impudently” – quoted by “Soviet sport” , the statement Adams made in Sheremetyevo airport.

In the end, Carlsen and Karjakin exchanged victories and finished the match from dozens of classic games in a draw – 6:6. On a tie-break in rapid chess champion turned out to be much more convincing contenders for the title – 3:1.

Karjakin also admitted that during the tie-break felt a huge support from the fans.

“I felt that I was sick. This is particularly evident in the last days, when there was a tie-break, I had a whole army of fans. I am very grateful to them. Sick of me Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin. I’m glad to be back home, where me love and wait,” said the grandmaster.

He also admitted that now more than anything wants to see his son, whom he had parted more than 40 days. During this time, the heir to the chess player began to take the first steps.

Karjakin said that he did not have the nerve in the battle for the chess crown 02.12.2016

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