Data on the activity of Russians on the Internet should belong to the state, said Natalya Kaspersky – CEO InfoWatch, which was mentioned in connection with intention of the Russian authorities to decrypt all encrypted traffic. Kasperskaya also included in the working group “it + Sovereignty” under the administration of the President.

In an interview with TASS kasperskaya said that these users do not belong to: “My opinion is that the data should be the property of the state, because these users do not have data. A user sent them in the information space, and has flowed all that he wrote there. So, it’s not their affiliation.” Among these data, she pointed out all the information of ordinary users, gathered through information technology: search keywords, geolocation, contacts, correspondence, users, photos and videos.

She said that now many companies that collect “big data” Russians are foreign. “What other countries this information freely to shake, and know the movement of all our citizens know what they are thinking and their political beliefs is wrong,” she said. In her opinion, if the data are the property of the state, this can be avoided.

Kasperskaya has also described how these data can be adjusted. In her opinion, the interception in the course of their transfer from the Russians to foreign companies will do nothing, as the information can be encrypted. Another option is to put all of my database and store them in the same way as personal data under the relevant law of the Russian Federation. “In this case, you will need to store very large amounts of information, we immediately imagine a lawsuit with Google and Facebook”, she explained.

“I think, perhaps, we need legislation to force these companies to transfer the certificates, or just to try carefully “chase” them (the data)… Must be some kind of legislative action, not the interceptor”, is judged kasperskaya.

About the need to regulate big data in Russia, said the head of Roskomnadzor Alexander Zharov, the head of the working group on Internet regulation, Russian presidential aide Igor Shchegolev, reminds TASS. Shchegolev stated that the main approaches to the regulation of “big data” can be generated before the end of the year. However, he specified that under the regulation of big data will include not only Internet companies, but everyone who uses such data.

Kasperskaya said that the Russians should belong to the state 30.11.2016

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