In the Kemerovo children’s clinical hospital surgeons performed a unique operation. They removed from the intestine of 10-year-old girls 50-cm mass of hair.

The girl from the city of Mariinsk on the North of the Kemerovo region was taken to the hospital in serious condition, with acute abdominal pain and vomiting. When probing, the doctors found massive formation causing intestinal obstruction, said the “Newspaper of Kemerovo”.

Diagnostic laparoscopy turned into a two-hour operation, said the publication. In the end, from the gut, the child got a 50-centimeter mass of hair.

“It is considered a manifestation of trihobezoar, this pathology is very rare, not every year do children with such a problem. Most common trihobezoar stomach when a foreign body prevents the promotion of food causes obstruction of the stomach. With such a bezoar bowel our doctors met for the first time in decades of work in pediatric surgery,” – said acting head of the Department of General surgery Constantine Sources.

Now the girl is recovering and will soon go home, said the hospital.

As it turned out, the cause of the incident was a nervous atmosphere in the classroom, where he studied small patient. “The child had a strained relationship with classmates, the girl was excited, and the solace found in the fact that nagged his scythe,” added Sources.

A similar incident occurred in Minsk three years ago. Then from the stomach ten girls learned polutorametrovy trihobezoar-shaped boots. “The disease is more common in girls with neurological disorders. When you’re nervous, start chewing her long hair and swallow them in pieces. Those accumulate in the stomach, filling it completely,” – explained then “Medical Bulletin” surgeon of the Minsk clinical hospital Alexander Sy.

Bezoars – a foreign body, which are formed in the stomach from components that are not digested, – are more common in ruminants than in humans. In the world literature up to 1991, it was described about 400 cases, when the does were suffering people. Their appearance may be the consequence of bad habits, wrote website “Gorno-Altaisk”, commenting the operation carried out by the chief surgeon of Gorny Altai 21-year-old local resident. Her stomach was removed trihobezoar – bezoar of hair, weight more than 1 kg.

Kemerovo surgeons helped the girl excitement nibbled his scythe 21.11.2016

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