The United States needs the assistance of Russia and Iran in the conflict in Syria. This was stated on Wednesday, U.S. Secretary of state John Kerry during a speech to the Chicago Council on foreign relations. Excerpts from the speech, Kerry presented in Twitter the state Department. The Secretary of state stressed that the exclusion of Iran and Russia from the negotiation process would have created new problems.

“A year ago we, the U.S., has assembled a group of States with influence (in Syria) is an International support group Syria – it includes all countries involved in the conflict, including Russia and Iran. Some people asked, why are you sitting at the negotiating table with them? Because they are involved, because if they are not part of the solution, it becomes part of the problem”, – said the chief of American diplomacy (quoted by TASS).

As said Kerry, he still believes that to resolve the conflict in Syria will succeed through diplomacy, though it is not so simple, reports RIA “Novosti”.

“We are also continuing our efforts to find a diplomatic solution in Syria. And I’m sure we’ll find a way out of the crisis – the largest since the end of world war II. This problem cannot be solved simply by writing a check to support refugees. Need to stop their flow. This requires a comprehensive diplomatic effort, that daunting task that stood before us,” he said.

30 Oct 2015 in Vienna held consultations with the participation of 19 delegations – representatives of Russia, USA, France, Germany, China, Egypt, Iran, Iraq, Italy, Jordan, Lebanon, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, UAE, UK, EU and the UN. This format is known as international Syria support group, subsequently also joined by the representatives of the Arab League and the OIC. The SSG co-chairs were Russia and the United States.

18 Dec 2015 at the conclusion of the next meeting of the ISSG in new York, the UN security Council adopted resolution 2254, recognizing the ISSG as a Central platform to facilitate the UN efforts to reach a political settlement in Syria.

Kerry: attempts of Russia to affect policy in the US has convinced the EU to maintain sanctions

In his speech to the Chicago Council on foreign relations John Kerry touched upon the topic of conservation of anti-Russian sanctions. The Secretary of state believes that attempts to influence the American presidential elections, which in Washington is credited with Moscow convinced the EU of the need to maintain sanctions against Russia.

Kerry expressed confidence in “the strength of the transatlantic relationship and partnership.” “Earlier this month I was in Brussels. I am convinced that the sense of common purpose each day to demonstrate on both sides of the Atlantic”, – said the chief U.S. diplomat, quoted by TASS.

“The US and the EU continue to maintain tough economic sanctions against Russia over its aggression in Ukraine. And our unity became stronger in connection with attempts (Russia) to intervene in the functioning of our democratic system,” said Kerry.

In the United States had previously accused the hackers, allegedly operating at the behest of Russia, cyber attacks with the aim of influencing the presidential election. In July, the website WikiLeaks published the electronic correspondence kidnapped from the National Committee of the Democratic party. The environment of the candidate in US presidents from Democrats Hillary Clinton and the American media argue that the break-in are related to Russian hackers. In the Kremlin involvement in the cyber attacks Moscow has repeatedly denied.

Kerry acknowledged that to solve the conflict in Syria is impossible without Russia and Iran 27.10.2016

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