U.S. Secretary of state John Kerry urged to investigate war crimes
Russia and Syria in Aleppo, Syria, including the bombing of hospitals and
civilian objects, AP reports. He stated this on Friday, 7th
October, at a press conference with the Minister of foreign Affairs of France
Jean-Marc Ayrault, who arrived in Washington from Moscow, where he met
with Russian foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov.

According to Secretary of state, these actions in Aleppo “far from
chance.” Kerry accused Russia and the regime of President Bashar
Assad’s use of “deliberate strategy of terrorizing
the civilian population” (quoted by Business
) and said he was waiting for an honest discussion about what
steps you can take after the “bombing of Aleppo, and kobani
innocent people in the twenty-first century.”

Kerry mentioned a night attack on the hospital in which
20 people died and about a hundred injured. According to Kerry,
Putin and Assad needs peace “more than just an explanation for why they
continued attacks on hospitals and medical institutions, as well as
women and children”. “These actions require proper investigation as
war crimes”, – he said.

Ayrault, in turn, spoke of new efforts that France
applies to a cease-fire in Syria. However, as noted
AP, it is unclear what are the advantages France has compared to USA,
the deal with Russia which broke down last month.

Recently it was announced about the visit of Russian President Vladimir Putin in Paris
at the opening of the Russian cultural centre in the French capital.
The recent Putin’s trip to Europe was a visit
to Finland in early July.

The French newspaper Le Figaro wrote
about the upcoming visit to save Putin from the isolation on the background of acute
criticism of its actions in Syria, “in major public offices
The West, particularly in France.”

October 3 the U.S. state Department declared,
that the US cease negotiations with Russia on the settlement of the situation in
Syria and withdraw its staff, which was supposed to participate in
the creation of a Joint Executive center. Washington’s Decision
due to the fact that “Russia has failed to fulfill its promises
including its obligations under international humanitarian law”.
Washington said “or Moscow’s unwillingness, or the inability to
forced the Syrian regime to cooperate”.

“Doctors without borders” stated that 23 attacks on hospitals, in the Ministry of foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation
said that the hospitals of fighters

On the website
the international organization “Doctors without borders” refers to the 23 attacks on
hospitals recorded since July in the East of Aleppo. Over the past two
weeks killed at least 377 people. Taken into account only data on losses,
which are confirmed by hospitals, many of the wounded are being treated
at home or in other places.

Two main medical institutions of Eastern Aleppo, where held
surgery, five times received injuries, one hospital
was completely destroyed and October 1 is no longer used.

Russian officials have repeatedly stated that the Russian Federation has not
relationship to impacts to the health facilities. “Interfax” quotes
the statement by Deputy foreign Minister Gennady Gatilov, who on 3 October on
press conference in Moscow said that “the militants organize in residential
quarters of the city hospitals, directly in homes, and about this no
information no one”.

“Any product that is medical facilities. And these so-called
“hospitals,” and civilians used by rebels as
“human shields,” said the Deputy Minister.

Gatilov stressed that “the majority of these health facilities is
hidden field hospitals are located in buildings that do not have
relationship to the health system in Syria.” “They never
registered in the prescribed manner, not marked with logo
The red cross,” he said.

“Allegations that Russia will deliver some attacks on hospitals,
schools – it’s all groundless accusations”, – said Gatilov.

Today the state Duma ratified the agreement on the indefinite location of the
the Russian aviation on the territory of Syria. The agreement approved
unanimously all the 446 deputies present in the courtroom.

Kerry called for the investigation of war crimes of Russia and Syria to Aleppo 07.10.2016

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