Military aircraft of Russia, located in Syria, probably used for protection, said Tuesday U.S. Secretary of state John Kerry. According to current estimates, the U.S., Russian jets in Syria, “consistent picture of the protection (locally available) forces,” Kerry said at a press conference in Washington. However, in the future the situation may change.

Current assessments of military experts testify about the protection of interests, but in the long term, the presence of Russian military aircraft in Syria “may raise questions about the intentions of Russia” quoted the Secretary of state to Reuters.

Kerry also once again urged Russia and Iran to contribute to diplomatic efforts aimed at ending the crisis in Syria. He noted that Russia’s intent is unclear. However, “if Russia is there to protect Assad and provide him a sense that he does not have to participate in the negotiations, it is a problem for Syria and for everyone who wants to put an end to this conflict”.

On the other hand, she said, the U.S. is ready for the immediate commencement of discussions with Russia on Syria, “and we hope that Russia, too.”

The Western media have repeatedly reported that Russia is increasing its military presence in Syria. Russia officially recognizes the presence in Syria of only one point logistics in the port of Tartus and said that Syria has assistance in the framework of the previous agreements. As stated in the Foreign Ministry, Moscow has never hid the fact “that supplies military equipment to the Syrian official authorities for the purpose of dealing with terrorists”. Information about the military buildup in Russia deny.

U.S. seeks resignation of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad and therefore oppose the provision of any assistance. For its part, Russia has repeatedly called on the international coalition to cooperate with the Syrian authorities under the auspices of the UN security Council to combat ISIS.

In Syria since March 2011, the armed conflict continues, which, according to the UN, has killed more than 220 thousand people. Government forces confront militias belonging to different armed groups. The most active are the extremist militants of the “Islamic state” and “dzhebhat EN-Nusra”.

Kerry said that Russian warplanes in Syria are used to protect 23.09.2015

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