Animal advocates from the organization “Mercy” in Khabarovsk wrote to the Prosecutor a statement in which it identified a third alleged Payne the animals. As transfers RIA “Novosti”, the third girl also got pictures with the abuse of cats and dogs.

The representative of animal rights activists Irina Soft said: “We looked at photos and found pictures of the third girl. This is what we indicated in the statement, which was submitted to the Prosecutor. Hope that will be audited”.

She also told that people are identified on published photographs of tortured animals, which they passed in “good hands”. “We got three people identified in the pictures of animals. Two supervisors identified transferred puppies – grey and cream, and one woman identified the cat that she had lost,” said Soft.

Currently, a criminal case on animal cruelty brought against a 16-year-old habarovchanin referred to the investigation in the SU IC Russia in the Khabarovsk region. Another 17-year-old girl is a witness in this case.

As written media, khabarovchanka was detained in Novosibirsk. She had already confessed to the killing of animals and explained the police a reason for their actions. “She explains the motives of their actions by the fact that it’s her wish what she gets moral satisfaction”, – told Life an unnamed source in law enforcement bodies of Novosibirsk.

Earlier this week, users of the imageboard “Dvach” found two girls on their pages in social network “Vkontakte” posted pictures of maimed and dismembered animals. Girls that are registered under the names Alina Orlova and Kristina Hemp, study in Pacific national University (PNU) in Khabarovsk, reported the Internet users.

As it turned out, the girls in the ads “give in good hands” found cats and dogs, tortured them and then killed. Their actions girls recorded on camera phones and later posted photos on their pages in social networks. Among the murder weapons were hammers, scissors, needles.

It was also reported that one of the residents of Khabarovsk appealed to the police after her daughter began to receive threats from the unknown,reading her involved in the torture. In the Internet published a petition demanding to punish the girls, was signed by tens of thousands of people.

Khabarovsk animal rights activists have discovered a third alleged Payne animals 21.10.2016

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