The investigative Committee had been reclassified charges against two girls in Khabarovsksuspected of animal cruelty reports the official website of the TFR. New article involves a more severe punishment.

“Investigators and forensic regional investigatory management SK of Russia held a large-scale work for establishment of all circumstances of this crime. Currently, both 17-year-old girls reclassified from part 1 of article 245 of the criminal code to part 2 of article 245 of the criminal code (cruelty to animals committed by a group of persons upon a preliminary collusion),” – said in a press release. The maximum penalty for this offence is two years imprisonment.

“One of them a preventive measure in the form of house arrest (in connection with an attempt to abscond). In respect of both appointed complex psihologo-psychiatric examination. Checked the involvement of the girls to commit other crimes,” – said the Agency.

According to investigators, the victims “Khabarovsk zhivoderok” began at least 15 animals and birds – the exact amount is now being installed. “The scene of the crime, namely from the premises of an abandoned building, during the inspection of seized forensic biological substances (15 samples), also found the body of one animal and the remains of another. During the search in the apartment of one of the figurants of the criminal case discovered the skull of a cat” – said in the TFR.

Investigators are checking the involvement of cruelty to animals of others. yesterday it was reported that 17-year-old girl named Alina Orlova admitted his guilt after the other defendant, 16-year-old Alyona Savchenko, who is in the status of a suspect, and got the same status in the case. Previously Alina told reporters that the atrocities were not involved and that this story also involved a third girl. Khabarovsk animal rights activists also said that the killings of animals participated another girl and perhaps a young man.

According to rumors, the family of Alina Orlova in the background of the scandal moved from Khabarovsk to Chita. As writes portal politland.comthe girl’s father – Colonel Orlov requested a transfer to the same position in another city. Social media users insist that the girl’s father fired. As for Alyona Savchenko, according to the words of her former classmate, who wished to remain anonymous, it is at least three times were in a psychiatric hospital.

Previously, the investigators found that girls in the ads “give in good hands” found cats and dogs, tortured them and then killed. Their actions girls recorded on camera phones and later posted photos on their pages in social networks. Among the murder weapons were hammers, scissors, needles. Information about the brutal killing of animals was distributed earlier by users of the imageboard “Dvach”, who calculated zhivoderok.

“Khabarovsk iodicum” who killed cats and dogs, tightened the prosecution in a criminal case 25.10.2016

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