Rules of etiquette became the cause of the tragic incident was last weekend in Khabarovsk. 61-year-old local resident killed his older brother, who did not want to stop slurping at the table.

Writes DVnovosti, ill-mannered man loudly chewed and dropped food. His younger brother tried to restrain myself, however, unable to endure unpleasant sounds, yelling at your dinner companion. This was the reason for the quarrel and then fight.

“The verbal altercation quickly escalated into a fight, during which the younger brother grabbed from the bedside scissors and stabbed in the neck relative artery”, – said the press service of the Investigative Committee.

Realizing what happened, the younger brother immediately called an ambulance and the police. The victim died before the arrival of doctors, and the police immediately detained the suspect. Reportedly, the man confessed to the crime and repents bitterly.

Khabarovsk killed with scissors older brother, caucasico at the table 17.10.2016

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