Investigators opened any new criminal cases against two underage residents of Khabarovsk, accused in animal cruelty, which the press called “Khabarovsk rivederci”. On excitation of Affairs said on Friday the press service of the Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation in the Khabarovsk region.

November 11, investigators went to court with the petition for election concerning two 17-year-old girls of a measure of restraint in form of detention. Their accomplice, 18-year – old- arrested. Earlier media called the names of the suspects – Alina Orlova and Aliona Savchenko. In the UK their identity is not disclosed.

“In the framework of a criminal investigation against two 17-year-old girls, accused of cruel treatment of animals, investigative agencies of the investigative Committee of the Russian Federation for the Khabarovsk territory revealed their involvement in several other crimes: robbery, inciting hatred and enmity and insulting the feelings of believers”, – stated in the message.

According to investigators, one of the girls got acquainted in the Internet with a young man, brought him to an abandoned building, where together with the second accused, armed with a pneumatic gun and a bat attacked him, demanding to give money. Injured young man managed to run from them to contact the police, he did not.

Investigators also found evidence of one of the girls on his page in the social network of images that Express “clear disrespect for society with the purpose of insulting religious feelings of believers” and shot them together with the 18-year-old accomplice in the video, “aimed at humiliation of human dignity and of a group of persons on the grounds of belonging to a social group”.

The result was a criminal case under signs of crime envisaged by part 2 of article 162 of the criminal code (“Robbery”), part 1 of article 148 of the criminal code (“Public actions expressing clear disrespect for society and committed to insult the religious feelings of believers”), part 1 of article 282 (“inciting hatred or enmity”). Based on the collected investigation of materials both figurantok charged with assault Commission, said in the UK.

In addition, the investigation found evidence of intentional damage to the vehicles – their action, the girls recorded on camera phone. Collected materials on this episode are directed in UMVD of Russia across Khabarovsk territory to solve a question on attraction to criminal or administrative liability.

Two underage habarovchanin become accused of animal cruelty in a group upon a preliminary collusion after the Internet published photos from the massacre of dogs and cats with their participation. According to investigators, the victims, and these girls were at least 15 animals. 9 November 2016 under instructions of head SK the Russian Federation Alexander Bastrykin a criminal case was transferred to the Main investigation Department of the Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation.

“Khabarovsk rivederci” became figurantok new criminal cases 11.11.2016

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