One of the two “Khabarovsk zhivoderok” – a resident of Khabarovsk,
accused of the brutal
the treatment
of animals, has admitted to involvement in
the mockery of the homeless, reports the Khabarovsk website
citing a source in law enforcement bodies.

In the Network posted screenshots of them found a mention of how
she, along with her friends for days tortured bum. As reported
a police source in the city website HabInfo,
we are talking about an elderly man. Version Khabarovsk electronic Newspapers,
about it it is told in the following correspondence: “the Last time
was chained to the bars. First, threatened him with a knife, then a little
***. Nothing significant. And what will he do when he can’t leave
next room?”

Correspondence belongs to Alena Savchenko (in the social network was registered under
nickname Christine Hemp, then changed to Kristina Kuznetsova). On questioning, she confirmed that she lured
man at an abandoned hospital. There she and the other girls
beat him and slashed with a knife. The suspects mocked the homeless
for several days and then released, threatened with death if
he tells someone about what happened.

Investigators tracked down the homeless, and he confirmed the story girl,
exactly describing what happened. Besides, the man had a scar from a knife.
In the end, in a criminal case there is a new charge under article
“intentional infliction of harm to humans”. According to the suspect on
interrogation it became clear that the elderly homeless are not the only person
the victim at the hands of the girls.

From the correspondence sadistic, it follows that bullying people began
hunting for pedophiles: “It started when I began to write all sorts of
freaks with requests of an intimate nature, knowing about my age. I decided
to meet one of them. We agreed to go to me, but before that
go to one place – an abandoned hospital. The night I came there, I
there and left. Then I wanted to torture these n***”.
“Actually, I’m doing all this under the pretext of the card desires – continues
sadist. – Zaton (near Khabarovsk. – Approx.
the hospital where I homosexual persecution.”

The story of a girl, who’s now an episode of criminal case
it follows that the city has a whole group of flayers. In addition
moreover, the defendant confessed adherence to the ideas of Nazism: “I’m a Nazi,
Yes. I on the account in police. I’m between the centre and the South. I have
psychopathy, I was a violent man”.

The girls are preparing to court

Two girls, who became famous as “the Khabarovsk rivederci”, began
to prepare for the hearings. Alina Orlova will be under
protective paid lawyer from Khabarovsk, and Aliona Savchenko come to court without a lawyer, reports the website According to the publication, Savchenko cannot afford an attorney, and the parents Orlova did not care about her friend.

Lawyers believe that the girl is unlikely to suffer a severe punishment. As
explained to lawyer Victor Naumov, the newspaper Metro,
“real deprivation of liberty, they will likely not threatened”. “Suspect
more for psychological and psychiatric assistance, rather than services
the penal system,” – said the lawyer.

“With regard to the abuse of the homeless, all will depend on
qualification of the offense and the real possibility of the investigating authorities
to collect the necessary evidence to attract girls to
liability”: “If damage to health is recognised as a serious
or moderate, then the girls will have to answer under article 111 of the criminal code
(“Causing of heavy harm to health”) or article 112 of the criminal code
(“Harm to health of average weight”). If the injury
suffered by the victim, will be assessed in smaller sizes, then answer them
have on article 117 of the criminal code (“Torture”). The penalty for specified
crime, given the specifics of the commit in question
case, can be up to seven years of imprisonment.”

In October, the forum users “Dvach” published investigation of
which revealed that two students of the Pacific state
University (PNU) in Khabarovsk, Alina Orlova and Aliona Savchenko took
ads “Give into the good hands” of homeless animals, often
puppies and torture them in abandoned crematorium.

The girls not only took pictures of the process of bullying
animals, but the pre-shot weapon, including, in
particular, were hammers, scissors, needles.

After the publication of their photos in the Network, one of the girls tried to escape from
Khabarovsk to Saint Petersburg, but was detained by police near
reception at the Novosibirsk airport Tolmachevo.

The mother of the other girl (Alina Orlova) applied in
the Prosecutor’s office and the police, demanding to put to his daughter’s security in connection
with her coming threats. Alina said about her
lack of involvement in the killing of animals, but less than a day admitted complicity.

The police opened a criminal case under part 1 of article 245 (“Cruel treatment of animals which entailed their death or injury”). According to investigators, the victims
Ratched types of steel not less than 15 animals. In Khabarovsk the public requires
to punish zhivoderok.

“Khabarovsk rivederci” on interrogation told how the day was tortured bum 10.11.2016

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