Former Yukos CEO and founder of public organization “Open Russia” Mikhail Khodorkovsky on Thursday announced the launch of a new project “Open media”. Khodorkovsky told RBCthat he could support no more than seven MediaStation who will be engaged in investigative journalism. On each of the projects will spend up to 30 million rubles.

To launch the project Khodorkovsky said Thursday in his Twitter. “Launched a new project “Open media”. Participate, envy, criticize”, – said in a tweet.

In Facebook ex-head of Yukos said that it was “a public and not a political project” that “creates additional opportunities for people to Express themselves in the development of new media in the gradual monopolization of the market state.” Khodorkovsky said that “the project is not the task of “loosening of mode. “My goal is to help create conditions for a gradual return of the country to the European path of development after the inevitable decline,” he wrote.

Journalists who intend to create a media project are invited to apply outlining the concept and plan the organization of work. You can apply on the website “Open Russia”.

“Open media” offer creators of new projects financial support, the platform for the publication of materials and infrastructural support, legal support rights and cooperation with Roskomnadzor. Also provided journalistic grants, awards for good publications, workshops, short schools, online courses.

Khodorkovsky told RBC that the expert Commission will approve the five-seven projects and spent to launch each one from 3 million to 30 million rubles. In the project description on the website “Open Russia” stated that institutional review Board will select the five best projects for the first phase.

The press-Secretary of Khodorkovsky Kyle Piispanen said that to apply will not only journalists, but also activists and public figures.
The project description States that “Open Russia” announces the acceptance of applications for the creation of modern media, is able to give tens of millions
people in Russia the opportunity to feel fully part of the global world.”

“Our common goal is the creation of communication channels inside the Russian audience who perceive themselves as Autonomous and independent of state aid part of the society”, – stated in the message.

It is expected that each project will be chief editor and several people on the editorial staff. According to Khodorkovsky, he already has agreements with several teams in the near future they are going to get to work.

As it became known, discussed the launch of investigations in the sphere of economy, culture, in the relationship of business with the government. A separate project will study the work of the largest sociological services.

One of the possible platforms for the publication of the first texts would be the website “Open Russia”, the participants will also offer to run your own social media accounts. The official launch of successful projects is planned for early December, before they will work in test mode.

We will remind, Mikhail Khodorkovsky participated in the creation of the portal “Medusa”. In August, the newspaper reportedthat Khodorkovsky and businessman Boris Zimin has spent the start of the project 250 thousand dollars, but failed to agree on further cooperation with the leadership of the publication. The money “Medusa” paid to those who are in debt helped to start the project until the negotiations were stated in the material.

It was reported that the first editor of “Medusa” Galina Timchenko in 2014 he negotiated with Khodorkovsky as a potential investor. When the businessman insisted on maintaining the control in the publication, Timchenko refused to cooperate. After Khodorkovsky from the project came and Zimin.

In the spring of 2014 under the leadership of former Deputy chief editor of the magazine “Kommersant-Vlast Veronika Kutsyllo launched the website “Open Russia”.

Khodorkovsky has launched a new project to support investigative journalism will be spent to 210 million rubles 29.09.2016

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