The self-proclaimed authorities of the Luhansk national Republic (LNR) has denied the information about ostensibly made the supply of coal in Western countries, particularly in Poland, reports RBC. According to them, coal, which is exported from the territory of the LC, due to the economic blockade of Ukraine can not enter the territory of this country. “He entered the territory of Russia. The further fate of this type of fuel unknown to us”, – quotes the edition the statement of the press service of the Ministry of fuel, energy and coal industry (Minepia) of the Republic.

On the supply of coal was announced on the eve of the Polish newspaper Dziennik. According to him, how much fuel was delivered from the LC in Poland is unknown, but, according to the site we are talking at least about 11 tons of anthracite. This is the data for the third quarter of 2016. It is noted that imported coal into the country, the company Doncoaltrade, registered in Katowice.

The Polish state register of the head of the company and the major shareholder is former Deputy Minister of energy and coal industry Oleksandr Melnychuk and his partner – former member of Party of regions Victor Yanukovych, son of the former Deputy Minister of energy and coal industry of Ukraine Yury zyukov’s novel.

Of the raw material, according to the publication, taken to the Crimea, the other through the Black sea to Turkey. The proceeds from the sale of coal supposedly gets the leadership of the LC and, in particular, the self-proclaimed head of the Republic Igor Carpentry. In Ukraine deals with LC for the purchase of coal is regarded as supporting the separatists who have violated the territorial integrity of Ukraine.

Journalists asked the Polish foreign Ministry to comment on how legitimate such deals with the management of LC. We were given to understand that, formally, exports to the EU from the territory of Donbass is not prohibited. In 2014, this limitation has been imposed on Crimea and Sevastopol, however, the “other area”, including the Donbass, it does not apply.

Meanwhile, the Ukrainian authorities expressed a protest. The Minister of energy of Ukraine Igor Nasalik said the TV channel “112 Ukraine”, met with his Polish counterpart Krzysztof Tchorzewski and made him promise that such delivery would be prohibited. In addition, the fact that the supply will be thoroughly checked.

Nasalik said that apart from Poland, coal from LNR and DNR were also supplied to other European countries. He called the situation with the supply of coal from the territory of the LC in Poland “very unpleasant”. “We buy anthracite in the United States and African countries, and Poland – with our occupied territories”, – quotes the Minister RIA “Novosti”.

In Poland the purchase of coal from the Donbass recognized. The head of the Ministry of energy in Poland Krzysztof Kujawski stated that it did “a little firm”. “The Donbas is by far not clear, but it seems that way. Happened supply of coal, 11 million tons. This is as much as one unit consumes a day,” the Minister said in the broadcast of the Polish television.

This summer, the Main military Prosecutor’s office opened a criminal case on the fact of export and sale abroad of coal mined in uncontrolled Kiev areas of Donetsk and Lugansk regions. According to the press Secretary of the Prosecutor General of the country, Larisa Sargan, coal is transported to Russia, where in the future implement, in particular abroad.

In September, the Deputy Minister of economy of the Russian Federation Sergei Nazarov said in an interview with Bloombergthat Russia is helping Ukrainian separatists to sell coal on the international markets so as to ensure the payment of pensions and social needs, while avoiding blockade of Kiev.

Kiev learned about the supply of Donbass coal in Poland – the poles have confessed, and deny everything in LC 05.10.2017

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