The police of Ukraine is investigating the murder of a minor child, committed in the capital of his kinsman. The man struck the victim with a stab wound, and then threw the boy from the window of apartment buildings. According to the suspect, the offense pushed its “voice from above”.

The brutal murder of 12-year-old boy was committed Friday afternoon on the street of Marshal Rokossovsky in the Obolon district of Kyiv. At 15:40, the police called local residents who found near one of houses the body of the wounded child, reports the official website of the Metropolitan police.

Arrived on call the police found on the eighth floor of the house 27-year-old man with a knife who was going to jump off the balcony. At the last moment the guardians of the law together with the rescuers managed to grab the suicide by the legs and drag them back to the apartment.

Tried to commit suicide the man is the uncle of the deceased boy. According to preliminary data, the adult family member looked after at school, eating at the same alcoholic beverages.

Arriving in inadequate state, a drunk man struck the boy’s 23 stab wounds, and then dropped it from height of the eighth floor. After this, 13 times the man stabbed himself with a knife in the stomach and tried to jump from the balcony.

Police arrested a man was taken to the hospital and was placed in speculate under heavy guard. On Wednesday in the video conference will decide on his arrest, reports RIA “Novosti Ukraina”.

In the interview with investigators the man explained their actions by “voice from above”, reports TSN.

Criminal proceedings were instituted under article 115 (“Murder”) the criminal code of Ukraine. The suspect is threatened by punishment in the form of a 15-year term of imprisonment.

Kiev stabbed 12-year-old nephew and threw him out the window at the behest of “voices from above” 03.02.2016

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