In Germany, the investigation of the murder of the famous Russian kickboxer and sports functionary Musa Musalaev, which can be a criminal trail. In favor of this version is evidenced by the fact that the victim repeatedly changed the name. In addition, it tried to prosecute, but to no avail.

Earlier, the man shot in Bavarian Neu-Ulm under the name of Musa Musalaev, were the names of Mikhail Grigoryev and Musalo Katimavik. “A number of names, as a rule, can only talk about one ties with the criminal world,” – writes Moskovsky Komsomolets.

In 2010, eminent athlete almost became the figurant of criminal case about beating his disciple, Vladimir Zubkov. Then Musalaev under the name of Grigoriev worked as a coach in Thai Boxing in a fight club of a military camp vlasikha Odintsovo district, Moscow region.

Relatives Zubkov, trying to find justice for champion kickboxer, even sent a letter to the then President of Russia Dmitry Medvedev. The text of the message published by the Agency Regnum.

According to the letter, the beating of the young man occurred on the Day of militia, on November 10, when Zubkov came to the first exercise to Grigoriev together with his girlfriend Daria Harlamova and her friend Anna Don. According to the authors, the trainer “from the beginning, began to show increased interest in” the freshman, forcing him to fight the best his disciples. In the courtroom, where he was sparring, was neither the ring nor soft mats.

“After some time the coach came to the center of the gym and decided to show Vladimir “master class”. In the result, Dylan was on the floor, and Vladimir was struck with an elbow in the nose with an elbow in the eye and a knee in the parietal region. Vladimir was bleeding from his nose, and he had to leave the gym and go to the restroom,” reads the letter.

Vladimir went to the toilet. There followed Grigoriev and 26-year-old Alex Hunter. When Zubkov leaned over the sink, the coach struck him from behind. Then he was knocked out by a punch in the face. Then kickboxing champion began to choke elbow bend lying on the floor young man.

Hunters and Grigoriev inflicted kicks to the head of the victim. They asked how its fully name, where he works and “what is life”.

Alarmed by the long absence of a boyfriend Daria Kharlamova went to the toilet and saw Vladimir lying in a pool of blood. “If here come the police, you also will be worse, – said Mikhail Grigoriev. – I’m untouchable. I will not do anything. I am doing good, I buy gloves, coaching children…”.

Vladimir that evening, came in the trauma Department of the Odintsovo Central hospital with a brain injury, broken jaw, nose, and numerous bruises on the face and body.

On the same day the mother of the victim came to the police station and wrote a statement about the beating of the son. However, the paper refused to accept on the grounds that Vladimir, as an adult, should he apply. In the end, complaints from parents Zubkov took only three days, and still reluctantly. To the appellants, the police officers exerted psychological pressure.

Later witnesses to the beating Daria and Anna called in the duty office. There the policemen told the girls that complain about the actions Grigorieva is meaningless: “he has a lot of “showing off”, he Vlasikha knows everyone, and there’s nothing you can do.”

To approve Zubkov and Grigoriev before, people were beaten, but remained unpunished.

It is noteworthy that in 2011, Grigoriev decree of the President of Tatarstan Rustam Minnikhanov was appointed Ambassador of the Universiade in Kazan. However, in the document kickboxing champion appeared under a new name Musalaev, writes

Even before Musalaev was appointed Advisor to the Plenipotentiary representative of the Republic of Tatarstan in Russia Ravil ahmetshin on issues of physical culture and sports. This position he held until emigrating to Germany, carried out in 2013.

It was also reported that Musa Musalaev nicknamed the Prince or the Prince of Tatarstan was the captain of the Tatar team kickboxing “Prince Team”.

Murder in Germany

37-year-old Musa Musalaev was shot dead outside his home in Neu-Ulm on November 18 around 18:00. According to eyewitnesses, the killer hid the face under the mask. The scene at the house N10 on Breslauer Strasse he fled in a car.

Rumors that the victim could be associated with the “Russian mafia”, the police has not commented. On investigation of the crime thrown considerable force. The investigation team increased from 10 to 25 people.

Death musalaeva is not the first since the murder in Germany of an athlete, martial artists, born in the USSR. In April in Bietigheim-Bissingen (Baden-württemberg), was shot dead near his home the Director of sports school of martial arts Sergey N. As Musalaev, he is a native of the Kazakh SSR.

For assistance in solving this crime was declared the award in 10 thousand Euro. Investigators do not exclude that between boxers there’s a connection.

Athletes of Tatarstan disown killed in Germany colleagues

In sports circles of Tatarstan is now in one voice claim that Musa Musalaev had no relations to regional sport.

“I looked pictures of the deceased. Neither by him nor by name musalaeva I didn’t have anything to remember about this athlete for Tatarstan, – said the famous former boxer and kickboxer, now coach and judge Andrew Mukachev. Also in the confusion over team Prince Team, in which he allegedly acted. In our Republic, her performances definitely was not.”

Musalaev was the most controversial contender for the role of Ambassador of the Universiade. “Musalaev in the Republic hardly knew, and he had no direct relation to it, not born, not living here and not speaking,” writes the regional news Agency “Business Online”.

Meanwhile, videos of fights involving musalaeva can be found on the Internet. Usually the encounter with the officer from Tatarstan took the ring from five to 30 seconds.

In 2012, the Prince became a triple world champion by winning tournaments on K-1 in Lviv, Donetsk and Leverkusen (Germany). In the same year he received a fourth League title on the Verdict FC MMA tournament in Moscow. A year earlier, Musalaev became three times world champion in Lublin and Vilnius and Kishinev, the Prince won the title of European champion in competitions BUSHIDO FC.

In addition, in 2009 and 2010, Musalaev was declared world champion in Hua hin (Thailand) and in Odintsovo.

Musalaev was awarded the prestigious belt version of King of Kings (KOK, “king of kings”). However, in 2012, he was deprived of this title due to failure to accept the challenge strong fighters.

The success musalaeva concerned not only sports and politics. Kickboxer “seriously studied the history of the middle ages, literature, wrote poems, tales and lullabies for children.” He also received two higher educations – economic and humanitarian, says in his biography on the Internet.

Killed in Germany, world champion in kickboxing Musalaev had different names and in Russia was considered “untouchable” 24.11.2016

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