In Perm, there was an unusual art object – graffiti on the history of Russian aviation and rocket production, reports the website of the TV company “Rifey-Perm”. It was painted on the concrete fence of the former plant Sverdlov. The length of the “leaf” is about a kilometer.

Objects to image were about two dozen aircraft, five helicopters, two rockets, motors and gearboxes which was created in Perm. New town art object called “the air Museum under the open sky”. He can enter the Guinness Book of records as the largest picture painted with spray paint. The application is now under consideration.

The initiators of the giant graffiti – specialists of the company “the Perm motors”. Last year on the concrete fence of the enterprise, in honor of the 70th anniversary of the Victory, was painted machinery of the great Patriotic war. This time, artists reflected the post-war period.

“Exhibits for our air Museum under the open sky was chosen, based on the role they played in aviation history and in the fate of the plant”, – said the author of the project Vladimir Ivashkevich.

He added that before starting work on the second phase of the project, the plant’s builders have completed a thorough training of the fence cut off the top layer of concrete impregnated the old paint, leveled the ground in front of the fence, lowered the level of the ground, replaced the old plate. All this was done in order to provide more surface for the image, because the technique was drawn of the natural size.

The resulting peculiar air Museum organically complements the recently opened after the reconstruction the Museum of Perm engine building, says the website UEC “Perm motors”.

Kilometer graffiti dedicated to the history of Russian aviation, appeared in Perm 17.10.2016

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