In North Korea, where there was held rallies in support of the hydrogen bomb, presented awards to its creators. Meanwhile, the Russian expert suggestedthat, on 6 January, the DPRK blew up a device of another type. Earlier, American analysts have called the fake report about Pyongyang’s testing of ballistic missiles, allegedly held a few days after reports of the explosion of a hydrogen bomb.

In awarding the creators of nuclear weapons the DPRK has attended personally to the head of North Korea Kim Jong-UN, reports TASS. The ceremony took place in the building of the Central Committee of the workers ‘ party of Korea (WPK) in Pyongyang.

In his speech, the North Korean leader criticized the United States. Kim Jong-UN stated that it was necessary “to strengthen North Korea’s nuclear capability in quantitative and qualitative terms, at any time and in any space to strike at the imperialists headed by the United States in case of violation of the sovereignty of the people’s Republic”.

South Korea fired warning shots at a North Korean drone

According to Kim Jong-UN, who is quoted by KCNA, the situation on the Korean Peninsula escalates the fault of the USA that “trying to overthrow the existing system of the DPRK through economic blockade and to increase the military pressure”. The leader of North Korea criticized Washington for imposing sanctions and the decision to dispatch the Korean Peninsula new strategic weapons.

The President also called for “showing the world the power of the DPRK by conducting future tests of more powerful hydrogen bombs on the basis of already acquired experience.”

It is worth noting that the U.S. Congress authorized expanded sanctions against North Korea, after North Korean state news Agency KCNA spread the message about the readiness of Pyongyang “to erase from the face of the earth the whole territory of the United States”.

The decision of the American side to place in South Korea’s strategic weapons was caused by the reports about the DPRK nuclear and missile tests, as well as new year threats to the city. At the same time in Washington emphasize that the return on South Korean territory nuclear weapons are not going.

“Whether it was a hydrogen bomb – the big question”

Meanwhile, the speaker of the legislative Assembly of Primorye Victor Gorchakov, who is also a doctor of engineering and an expert in the field of physics, said that while early to speak about the explosion of a hydrogen bomb on the territory of the neighbouring Primorye, North Korea, reports “Interfax”. “Seismic assessment shows that the explosion is not like a hydrogen bomb. Now the world is composed of seismic portraits, different characteristics, and it is possible to make a judgement,” – said the Agency interlocutor.

Gorchakov noted that, according to some Western experts who detonated the device was of small capacity and bore little resemblance to a real hydrogen bomb.

Thus the doctor of technical Sciences explained that the experts will have a chance to determine what exactly the tests were conducted in the DPRK on 6 January 2016. According to him, specialists will take some time to study
the characteristics of the explosion and its consequences in order to make a decision.
“Since the explosion was underground, it takes time to come out of Gaza
to the surface. They will not remain, it is still going to come up.
Specialists from South Korea, USA, China and Russia sampled air. Soon
it will become clear which products release. And for these products it is possible to judge
that was blown up”, – said the expert.

In addition, Gorchakov suggested that the test was urgently organized in January in honor of the birthday of Kim Jong-UN. “Was the birthday of the leader (Kim Jong-UN born 8 January. – Approx., and wanted to distinguish themselves from subordinates. Blew up the device. Especially because he (Kim Jong UN. – Approx. in December saidthat they must have it. To go
was any longer. I had to blow something up. If it was hydrogen
the bomb – the big question”, – concluded the expert.

Kim Jong Eun personally handed out awards to the creators of the hydrogen bomb, the authenticity of which experts doubt 13.01.2016

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