DPRK leader Kim Jong-UN commented the President of the USA of Donald trump in the UN General Assembly: threats to take military action he called “unspeakable nonsense” and vowed: “Crazy American man we tame fire.” Trump talked about the readiness to completely destroy North Korea if actions that will threaten the United States or its allies. Previously the foreign Ministry of the DPRK with such rhetoric was compared to “barking dogs”.

Speech of Kim Jong-UN broadcast on Friday, the official North Korean Agency KCNA. The head of the DPRK stated that instead of conclusive statements at the UN General Assembly, which would help defuse the tense situation on the Korean Peninsula, trump made “a gross speech that contains an unheard-of nonsense, which did not allow his predecessors.”

He also promised a harsh response: “Because trump before the world went to the negation of the very existence of our country and cruelly declared war to destroy the DPRK, we are ready to consider a response to the unprecedented harsh measures that were not there before. Crazy American man we tame fire.” (Quoted by TASS.)

In his opinion, trump after coming to power “refers to all countries with threats and blackmail.” “It is not a political activist, a bully and a gangster. Today my memory brings back the ridicule of people who during the election campaign in the US called trump a “political ignoramus”, he said.

In addition, the DPRK leader said that such statements from the US confirm that Pyongyang’s policy of developing nuclear missile program.

The situation on the Korean Peninsula remains extremely tense due to the active development of Pyongyang for its missile and nuclear programs. In July, the DPRK has twice tested a ballistic missile, and 29 August and 15 September, has carried out two missile launch which flew over Japan’s territory. On 3 September announced the successful test of a hydrogen bomb, while stating that the charge can be used for warheads of Intercontinental ballistic missiles.

The UN security Council on 12 September adopted a resolution on toughening sanctions against North Korea in response to the country’s sixth nuclear test. The document prepared by the delegation of the United States, received the support of all members of the security Council, including Russia and China. The restrictions include a ban on the purchase of North Korean textiles and supplies to the country’s gas condensates. The security Council has imposed restrictions on exports to the DPRK of crude oil and refined products: however, a complete ban is not followed.

Kim Jong-UN called trump’s “mad old man” 22.09.2017

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