Model, actress and socialite Kim Kardashian was subjected to an obscene attack – arrived at the fashion Week in Paris, the star tried to kiss the ass of the notorious Ukrainian journalist Vitaly Seduc.

As the portal TMZ, and now Kardashian is going to file a lawsuit in court to issue a restraining order that the reporter no longer dared to approach her. She also plans to write a statement to the police of the French capital.

The socialite believes that Seduc poses a threat to her and others. According to Kardashian, he will not stop until you pay for it.”

It is noteworthy that this is the second attack Seduce Kim Kardashian. In September 2014, also at fashion Week in Paris, he tried to knock down a star on the ground when she got out of the car.

Vitaly Seduc specializiruetsya for the outrageous antics against the stars. It belongs to the culprit – the supporters of this movement are trying to provoke famous people to the manifestation of bright emotions. Often the media can arrange telephone interviews with their chosen “victims”.

In 2012, the “victim” Seduce was arriving in Moscow will Smith. In recognition of the actor, the journalist called himself a great fan of his work and asked to hug him. After hugs, Seduc wanted to kiss a black actor, but Smith pushed him away and hit him on the cheek.

In February 2013, Seduc pretended that he was going to a prestigious music award “Grammy” instead of British singer Adele. While she was up on stage, a journalist ran up to the leading and try to seize the prize.

In early 2014, Seduc attacked Leonardo DiCaprio on the red carpet of one of the ceremonies. He fell in front of the actor to his knees and pressed my face to the zipper of his trousers.

In June 2014, Seduc was sentenced to three years probation for the attack on brad pitt – at the premiere of “Maleficent” he quickly rushed to the actor. The journalist was stopped by the guards.

In may of that year, a provocateur at the 67th Cannes film festival before the premiere of the second part of the cartoon “How to train your dragon” got his head under the dress of the actress America Ferrera.

Kim Kardashian will sue the Ukrainian journalist who tried to kiss her ass (VIDEO) 29.09.2016

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