The leader of the group Space, Didier Marouani, was detained in Moscow in connection with the statement in law enforcement bodies of the singer Philip Kirkorov, who accused the legendary electronics of extortion of 1 million euros.

During his detention at the offices of “Sberbank” Marouani said that he was the “victim” (I am a victim!).

Kirkorov, arrived on Tuesday evening in GSU Ministry of internal Affairs of Moscow on Novoslobodskaya street car “Maybach”, gave testimony to the police, and then commented on the arrest of his French colleagues for journalists. According to him, Marouani engaged in “blatant extortion”.

“No one is allowed to take extortion, and so brazen and unprecedented. I was silent all this time while coming at me with attacks in the media, including anecdotal information, which were given for verified. This had to end, and today, I think that the point set. More precisely the dots. I hope justice will prevail and all those responsible will be punished,” – said Kirkorov.

According to the lawyer Marouani Igor Trunov, meeting in the “savings Bank” with Kirkorov was absolutely legal, “a perfectly healthy sentence, which was followed by another a week ago.” When all documents have been agreed, called the notary and then Philip suddenly threw the money on the table and ran away. Then ran and the police.

Didier Marouani filed a lawsuit against Philip Kirkorov saying that Kirkorov hit “Cruel love” (2002) copied from his song “Symphonic space dream” (1999). Independent review found that the music for “tough love” is the crush song “Symphonic space dream” in 1999, the percentage of the borrowing of thematic material in “tough love” made 31,25%, while the musical material relative to the work as a whole – 43,27%.

Lawyer Igor Trunov, who represents the interests Marouani previously reported that the parties settled, and the man agreed to pay compensation.

However, Kirkorov’s lawyers have denied that the parties came to a compromise.

According to them, Marouani played Prancer Lexus.

Kirkorov on the detention in Moscow Maruani: “This had to end!”, this is a “blatant and unprecedented extortion” 30.11.2016

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