The star of the show “Game of thrones” kit Harington talks about filming in the BBC drama called “Gunpowder” on “gunpowder plot” of 1605 in the UK.

As noted by Deadline, the actor, best known for the role of Jon snow, has a direct relationship to the story, after which the British to this day start on 5 November fireworks and burn an effigy at the stake. Harrington claims to be a direct descendant of Robert Catesby, one of the participants in the conspiracy and friend of guy Fawkes. It is unclear whether he will play his ancestor or show any interest in the title role.

According to Empire, currently production ready three-hour episode of “Gunpowder”, and Harrington can participate in the project not only as an actor but as a screenwriter.

Recall that in 1605 English Catholics attempted to blow up the houses of Parliament during a throne speech of king James I. the Plot was discovered thanks to an anonymous letter. Guy Fawkes, who was entrusted to light the fuse, was detained near explosives. All participants in the conspiracy were found and subjected to cruel punishment.

Kit Harington will star in a drama about a gay Fox 05.10.2016

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