Former Chairman of “Master-Bank” Boris Baker arrested in absentia in the case of deliberate bankruptcy of the credit institution. This decision was made Tver court of Moscow, writes “Kommersant”</u>.

Investigators persuaded the court that the accused is not only on investigations, but is hiding from the investigation abroad. According to investigators, the Baker left Russia almost immediately after the deprivation of “Master-Bank” license in November 2013. For some time he lived in Israel and then moved to their historical homeland – in the Vinnytsia region of Ukraine, where, as I suppose is now.

In January 2014, the “Master-Bank” was declared bankrupt. Criminal case about deliberate bankruptcy was filed may 12, 2015. During the investigation it was found that “persons from among the former heads of “Master-Bank” from August 2012 to August 2013 committed the act for the issuance of deliberately non-performing loans, issued for natural persons and various legal entities” – it was more than about 170 to 200 individuals and commercial firms. The damage caused by the Bank’s management, at the beginning of 2014 was estimated at 17 billion rubles, later it rose to 61 billion rubles, the DIA was able to return 15.6 billion rubles.

In SHGs the progress of the investigation does not comment. Baker’s lawyer appealed the decision on its correspondence arrest in Moscow city court. Start the Interpol international wanted list of the banker only after the arrest the decision of the court of first instance will come into force.

Kommersant: former head of “Master-Bank” Boris the Baker in absentia arrested 13.04.2016

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