The first project of the course “Orthodox culture” in Russian schools, designed for all of the training from 1st to 11th grade, this summer has been criticized by experts. However, since the authors have contributed to the project, number of corrections, and the Russian Academy of education last week quietly launched the process of absentee voting for him.

As reported by “Kommersant”, if the document is approved, the course of Orthodoxy will be massively administered in schools at the request of the Ministry of education and regional dioceses. Absentee voting, according to the document at the disposal of the edition, will run until this Wednesday, November 30.

Now the school course “Basics of religious cultures and secular ethics” is studied in the fourth grade. In the ROC, however, insist that allotted for religion 34 hours is not enough.

The course “Orthodox culture” claims on the time allotted to optional subjects that the administration of educational institutions to decide on their (second foreign language, astronomy, etc.).

The course of Orthodoxy is supposed to be divided into three blocks: for grades 1st to 4th, from 5th to 9th and from 10th to 11th. The first unit will take a minimum of 102 hours, but in the first class of “Orthodox culture” is allowed to study in their spare time. The second unit involves a minimum of 175 hours of teaching religion, but the authors hope to get 350.

The authors insist on the fact that the graduate of the ninth grade must “know the names of the seven Ecumenical councils and to describe the adopted solutions”, “to navigate in the Orthodox calendar, to list the twelve, passing and neperehodimyh Orthodox holidays, as well as “list and describe the types of Church bells and bells.” This, in their opinion, will help children to form a “worldview based on the Orthodox moral tradition” and will prepare them to “conscious self-restraint in the consumption of vital goods”.

For grades 10-11 “Orthodox culture” is given 70 hours with the possibility of extension to 140. The authors propose to go again already studied the course, but with “more detail”.

The newspaper recalls that in the summer members of the Federal educational-methodical Association (UMO) on General education embraced the idea of teaching Orthodoxy throughout the school course very ambiguous. Some experts supported the course with the condition improvements, others were strongly against it. This time, however, according to sources “Kommersant”, most likely, vote for the “Orthodox culture”.

“Kommersant” found out about a new attempt to extend the lessons of Orthodoxy in the entire school year 29.11.2016

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