Bankers noted atypical for January, the growing demand of the population on loans for the purchase of goods in trading networks, writes the newspaper “Kommersant”. In terms of the devaluation of the ruble and the worsening economic downturn, this can be risky both for borrowers and for banks.

Even more often Russians buy electronics and home appliances, and in 2015 during the collapse of the ruble. The only difference is that now it is all often done on credit, and not at your expense. This is obviously due to the significant decline in 2015 of income and purchasing power.

Retailers also saw significant growth in consumer demand for electronics in January.

“HCF-Bank”, “Renaissance credit”, “Alfa-Bank”, “OTP-Bank” and “Rusfinance Bank” confirmed the publication of information about the sudden surge of loans.
Market participants attributed the unusual behavior of customers for several reasons. So, according to the Deputy Chairman of the Board of “HCF Bank” Alexander Antonenko, due to the rising exchange rates electronics and appliances can grow faster than the others.

Senior Vice President for development of banking products and marketing the Bank “Renaissance credit” Evgeny Lapin also confirmed that against the background of weakening of the ruble a number of retailers raised prices by 30-40%.

In “the Messenger” also indicate that the role played by the active promotion of programs of crediting retailers in January 2016, at the same time, like a year ago, in January of 2015, the majority of loan programs have been frozen due to a sharp increase in the key rate (six percentage points) and the risks of lending under increased accordingly lending rates.

Kommersant: Russians actively bought electronics and appliances on credit 22.01.2016

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