Detained over the weekend in Moscow and St. Petersburg for the preparation of the attacks come from former Soviet Central Asian republics were planning to go to war in Syria, writes the newspaper “Kommersant”. However, as sources said they were not religious fanatics, and banned in Russia organization “Islamic state” (IG) was going to join only in order to escape from prosecution at home.

Last Saturday, the FSB reported neutralizing interregional terrorist group, consisting of natives of Tajikistan, Uzbekistan and Kyrgyzstan, whose members were planning to commit a series of terrorist attacks in Moscow and St. Petersburg. During the searches they seized a Kalashnikov rifle and four homemade bombs. According to the FSB, the detainees have already admitted preparation of terrorist acts and reaffirmed their relationship with the leaders of the IG.

Seven people detained in St. Petersburg, lived in a rented apartment on the street Sofia Kovalevskaya, worked in the city as taxi drivers and security guards. According to media reports, they were planning to blow up shopping centres “Gallery” and “Academpark”.

Detained in Moscow, rented an apartment in the district Degunino, and worked as a salesman in the construction market near the metro station “Rumyantsevo”. In their apartment, they found three powerful homemade bombs.

According to the source “Kommersant”, all Asians are hiding in Russia from criminal prosecution in the homeland, and for communication with radical Islamists wanted by only three members of the group, and the rest were suspected of common crimes.

According to the newspaper, all members of the group recently came under the influence of a religious fanatic-Tajik, convincing them that “it is better to die for the Jihad in Syria than rot in prison in his homeland”. It is established that the leader of the group last fall was in talks with the leaders of ISIS smuggle their people in Syria, but those are probably advised him to first prove his loyalty to IG.

Kommersant: the FSB detained alleged terrorists was hiding from criminal prosecution in the homeland 14.11.2016

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