The participants held prior to the meeting on sports was late for a meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin not because of bad weather, according to Russian news agencies. The reason for the delay was the failure of the aircraft, reported the correspondent of the newspaper “Kommersant” Andrei Kolesnikov, who is in “the Kremlin pool”.

About the problem with aircraft carrying officials in the capital of winter Olympic games-2014 the reporter said “one of those who immediately landed in Sochi.” “So, it turned out that the weather, rather the weather was not the main problem. In flight it turned out that the plane is defective. He landed in Mineralnye Vody, but was going to go could not, and from Moscow sent another plane…” – Kolesnikov writes in the article on the website “Kommersant-Online”.

This “Interfax” news about the delay the meeting passed with only a mention of the weather. “The plane with the participants of the meeting, the cyclone was forced to land in Mineral Waters. In Sochi, meanwhile it was raining really hard,” according to the Agency the day before. A similar explanation was TASS. “Due to heavy rains in Sochi meeting with the President of Russia Vladimir Putin on sport postponed to a later time”, – stated in the message of the Agency with reference to press Secretary of the President Dmitry Peskov.

It is also known that after the dispatch of the aircraft with officials in Mineral Water the President has decided to devote time to military matters. There is no scandal too, was not the Central TV channels in news stories accidentally showed secret documents on the program “Status-6″.

About the problems with the technique that supports a high-ranking Russian officials, the General public becomes aware extremely rare. However, there is evidence that even Putin is not immune to accidents. So, political scientist Stanislav Belkovsky during one of the broadcasts on “echo of Moscow” in July of this year said that in 2014 in Sochi there have already been air incident. According to the analyst, this fault has played an important role in making Putin’s decision on annexation of Crimea and subsequent events in Ukraine.

According to Belkovsky, approx 20 February 2014 “had a technical accident of the helicopter in Sochi, which, of course, Putin’s security service who do not wish to take responsibility for every piece of junk that serves the President, attributed some kind of conspiracy to assassinate our leader”. “Well, finally the key, the climax is February 22, the revolution in Kiev, practically coinciding with the closing of the Sochi Olympics. And this chain of events finally convinced Putin that the West, with which he tried to be friends for almost 15 years, the thing to be impossible, except by force; and we must first take the Crimea and put the world on Gran great war, and then we’ll talk,” explained the analyst.

During yesterday’s meeting, Putin called to protect the Russian athletes from using performance enhancing drugs. In turn, the Minister of sport Vitaly Mutko saw in a doping scandal the desire to weaken competition in the face of Russian athletes. “I think that the goal is to weaken competition. Well, imagine our athletics the last two Olympic games – six to eight medals,” Mutko said. He indicated that the “slow down” the Russian team is impossible.

In General, during the meeting with the President, officials admitted that the large-scale doping scandal threatens the non-admission of Russian athletes for the Olympic games 2016 in Brazil. The head of the Russian Olympic Committee (ROC) Alexander Zhukov was hoping to send in Rio de Janeiro, more than 400 athletes, and now says that Russia “will fight” so that the athletes could perform.

Monday, November 9, the Board of the world anti-doping Agency recommended for life to remove five Russian athletes for violating anti-doping rules before the Olympic games in London in 2012 that were covered by the International Association of athletics federations (IAAF) and the Russian anti-doping Agency (RUSADA). Among them athletes, took first and third places in the women’s 800 metres at the Games in London.

In WADA believe that the Minister of sport Vitaly Mutko was aware of the numerous manipulating doping samples, and systematic doping in the country covers the FSB. The Western media with reference to some informants reported that nominally independent experts in detecting the use of illegal drugs were subjected to surveillance and intimidation, and allegedly even made the introduction of the FSB agents under the guise of technicians.

Meanwhile, officials and athletes demanded the severest punishment for Russia if the charges WADA confirmed. The IAAF recommended to consider the suspension of Russian athletes from participation in the Brazilian Olympics in 2016. Meanwhile, the head of the International Olympic Committee Thomas Bach said that the IOC, for its part, could not prevent the Russian team to participate in the Olympic games.

On the night of Thursday the Minister Mutko stated that the Russian athletics Federation has until Friday to give the Commission’s response to claims of doping scandal: “We have 72 hours, the athletics Federation has until Friday to give their vision on those claims and the action we propose. Tomorrow we learn about them”.

Kommersant: the meeting with Putin on sport in Sochi detained aircraft damage and not weather 12.11.2015

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