Newspaper “Commersant” reports about the evidence against ex-Minister of economic development Alexei Ulyukayev, who allowed the investigators to accuse him of taking bribes. Sources say that although the money itself, the speaker didn’t, he picked up the briefcase with 1 million dollars, and its handle was also coated with a special composition. However, “Kommersant” points to some strange moments in the press releases of the security forces and the course of the hearing of election of a measure of restraint – house arrest.

The Minister was arrested on Monday while accepting a bribe of 2 million dollars for issued a positive assessment of the Department, which allowed Rosneft to buy back the state of 50.08% of shares of “Bashneft”. According to investigators, the speaker, extorting bribes, threatened the representatives of “Rosneft”.

“Kommersant” in this regard, notes that the transaction has been approved by President Putin and Prime Minister Medvedev, and funds from privatization of “Bashneft” has already arrived in the budget, and because “the result of published information does not answer the question, what exactly could threaten state-owned companies, the head of the Ministry.”

Kudrin in new York, recalled the lack of “full confidence” in the work of the bodies

Also the newspaper points out that the investigator, “despite the seriousness of the charges, did not insist on putting the officer in jail”, and in the end, the court was confined to house arrest. Lead case investigator for particularly important cases of the novel Nesterov, famous for investigations against brothers Alexei and Oleg Navalny. Alexey Navalny in his blog calls Nesterov’s “expert on fakes”, which is used in political Affairs, “when it is necessary to invent a do all”.

Anonymous “close to the FSB,” a source told “Kommersant” about the proof of guilt of the speaker. According to his lawyers, the money from an alleged bribe he didn’t. However, got in one of the offices of “Rosneft” case, which was $ 1 million. Another case he allegedly promised to convey to the machine. According to the source, the direct contact of the speaker with dollars that are marked with the special-composition, do not. The mark on the left hand from the handle of the case, which the KGB also took the precaution treated with a special substance. The source claims that the arrest was issued a few hours, all 20 thousand of bills entering into the documents to be included in a criminal case.

Another law enforcement source indicates that the operation against the Minister was very similar to the one in which on similar charges of bribery in custody was the former Governor of Kirov region Nikita Belykh. However, then live transfers TFR was demonstrated almost immediately after the arrest, which in the case of Alexei Ulyukaev has not happened yet.

“Kommersant”: the speaker touched the handle of the briefcase full of money 16.11.2016

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