In the “Komsomolskaya Pravda” has apologized for published in the night of October 11, material about the death of Opera baritone Dmitri Hvorostovsky. The chief-the editor of the site Olesya Nosova told RBCthat the editor is waiting for a “debriefing”. The author of the article referred to the “evil man”.

According to Bow, the material was prepared by a staff journalist on the basis of reports from sources and this is his first “puncture”.

“We in this story we understand. We are very sorry that this happened. And of course, apologize to Dmitry Hvorostovsky and his family. A journalist will be undertaken with a serious debriefing. It all happened last night. We need to understand that it was for the sources. And we will draw from this conclusions” – promised the country.

Author Elena Lapteva (Baudouin), in turn, apologized for the website publication and on the page in Facebook.

“Of course, I am very ashamed to talk about it, but it’s my fault in spreading the news about Dmitri Hvorostovsky and his alleged death. Only my fault. Evil people have published online, I have confirmed insiders, and I, as a journalist, wrote for the first time without checking”, – she wrote.

“In front of him and his wife of course, I apologize, and I do not know how to make up for it. It is impossible in such things to rely on unverified information – this lesson is great not only to me but to all of our media. All the stones this time I deserve. I am very ashamed. But, of course, most importantly, he’s alive,” – said Laptev.

In the subtitle “From the editors” stated that the website of “Komsomolskaya Pravda” brings the most sincere apologies to my family, friends and all fans of people’s artist of Russia Dmitri Hvorostovsky for spreading false information: “We got it from a source that gave us confidence. Like all of our readers, we were shocked and horrified by this terrible news and was not able to check it quickly.
We will take all measures so that such will never happen again.”

After “Komsomolskaya Pravda” reported that Hvorostovsky died in London, aged 54 years, wife of the Opera singer Florence indignantly wrote in his Facebookthat the husband sleeping peacefully beside her. Other people, personally know Hvorostovsky, including its Director Mark Hildrew, also denied information about the death of the artist.

The family Hvorostovsky was a sleepless night

Former Commissioner of the President of Russia for children’s rights advocate Pavel Astakhov told RBCthat the night friends of the artist came the calls were all the nerves. “Very scary information. Called friends,” – said Astakhov.

According to him, the singer never sued, although there were different situations, and often made the decision to forgive people. The author of the publication reached out to the family of Hvorostovsky and apologized for his mistake. “The family will decide how to be in this situation. If you need – dishes,” – said Astakhov.

Dmiry Hvorostovsky long been struggling with a serious oncological disease. In 2015, Opera singer, many years living in London, announced his diagnosis of a brain tumor. Since then he has taken several courses of chemotherapy. After the start of treatment, many concerts have been cancelled.

In early June, Hvorostovsky, after several transfers appeared in public, coming on the scene with a supporting bandage after a dislocated shoulder. However, the September concert in Moscow was canceled.

“Komsomolskaya Pravda” promised debriefing as amended, “funeral” Hvorostovsky 11.10.2017

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