In the city of Kovdor, Murmansk region, two Teens appeared with a raised middle finger in the background of the memorial to the Hero of the Soviet Union Fedor Konovalov. Photos spread on the Internet, their validation has been the police, reported on the website of the regional Department of internal Affairs.

According to preliminary data, teenagers posed for the camera 9 may. The photos were posted in Instagram participants of the “action”, but at the moment they are removed, said “Komsomolskaya Pravda”. However, the video with the controversial picture published community Mash in a social network “Vkontakte”.

On the background of the memorial stands a young man showing middle fingers on both hands, with the shot of one of the guards, also a teenager, who, it seems, repeats this obscene gesture. In the video it is noted that the guard was just flexed his stiff fingers.

MO MVD Russia “Polyarnozorinskiy” may 17 started checking photos, which will be established the identity of young people, and circumstances of the offense. By results of check the procedural decision will be made.

In early February, the Moscow Department of the Investigative Committee opened a criminal case against 16-year-old, splashable near the Eternal flame in Orekhovo-Zuyevo. The young man not only danced to the hit singer of Tatar Altyn, but also posted a video with his “show”. However, a day later he deleted the video a little later apologized on his page “Vkontakte”.

Kovdor Teens of honor Victory Day showed the middle finger in the background of the memorial 17.05.2017

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