Krasnoyarsk artist Vasily Elephants postmodernist created the installation “the Siberian Pantheon of superheroes” – according to his plan, presents art objects symbolizing “Siberian materialnet”. Photos of new works published in his Facebook.

In the pictures presented boots with the soles attached to the parts of a compass, ski boots, equipped with wheels for circular saws, and skates with two blades of the claw. Art objects are called respectively: “Man-compass”, “Man saw” and “Man-vyderga”. Under them is written is divided into three parts known prison saying, which entered into wide use through writers Varlam Shalamov and Alexander Solzhenitsyn: “don’t trust, don’t fear, don’t ask”.

Posted by Vasily Slonov on 5 October 2015.

Elephants as explained in the comments to the installation, “is a Siberian materialnet, tells of the visit in the depths of the Siberian ores of some strange characters, burdened by cynicism and abilities. Unlike Western superheroes, our superheroes are not saving the world, and decorate it and enjoy it…”

In response to a comment by an Internet user Sergey Koptseva Natal that “don’t ask” is tested by life and people, “well, maybe not by the people themselves, but his own, sesvetski representative”, Elephants wrote with irony: “it is this “never ask…” the robber broke down the door of my workshop”

Installation is Basil Slonova exhibition “Ural-transcendental”, which takes place in the framework of the special program of the VI Moscow Biennale of contemporary art and will end on October 7, according to “NIB.FM”.

In addition, this week at Gallery 11.12 in the Moscow center for contemporary art “Winery” opened a personal exhibition of Vasily Slonova “Jackets of the Apocalypse”. It will run till 25 October 2015. As explained by the artist in an interview with The New Times, “wool is the most popular meme right now, and all that goes with it, reflects the pulse of time. But, in my opinion, this symbol is not instantaneous, quite the opposite! Quilted jacket – the dress code of the Russian civilization, who were not only in Russian history: soldiers, peasants, workers, kids”.

Earlier Vasily Elephants shot in a cotton bell opened the XI Krasnoyarsk Museum Biennale “Practice contact”, which will end on 30 November 2015. Prior to this, the artist has installed “a Big quilted heart of the homeland” on the ground near the cultural and historical centre in Krasnoyarsk, was the author of the concept “Siberian cotton garden of stones” and created an art object, “the Birth of the coat”.

According to The New Times, critics called the works Slonova “Siberian ironic conceptualism”, he himself calls himself a representative of the peace of the artistic Association “PeasDатые”. Fame, reminiscent of the magazine, Krasnoyarsk, the artist received in 2013 through its project dedicated to the Olympics in Sochi, where he made fun of the Olympic symbols and Patriotic sentiment in Russian society.

Then the Elephants depicted on the posters of the evil Cheburashka and the Olympic rings in the form of hanging loops and curls of barbed wire camp, a matryoshka doll grenade-pineapple, Stalin under the guise of a polar bear. Exhibition of works Slonova at the festival “White nights” in Perm has angered local officials who ordered the closure of the exhibition and tried to make the artist a criminal case on charges of extremism. However, the idea to attract Slonova to justice failed.

Krasnoyarsk artist Vasily Slonov created “the Siberian Pantheon of superheroes” 06.10.2015

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