Police in Krasnoyarsk region opened a criminal case against already ex-the employee of administration of the Birilyussy district, which is suspected of embezzlement of budget funds. The intruder took possession of hundreds of thousands of rubles, aimed at the improvement of graves of participants of the great Patriotic war.

As police established that the official, using his official position, “with the help of electronic data bases has transferred about 220 thousand rubles at the expense of his 21-year-old son.” The money “was designed to assist in the beautification of the graves of war veterans,” according to the official website of the regional Moi.

Against a suspect in a cynical crime investigators, MO MVD Rossii “‘sheuluyskiy” opened a criminal case under part 3 St. 159 criminal code (“Fraud”). The woman is threatened by punishment in the form of deprivation of liberty for a term up to six years.

“The suspect elected a measure of procedural compulsion in the form of a commitment to appear,” said the police. The damage it is fully reimbursed.

We will add, a similar case occurred four years ago in Irkutsk region. There official with photoshop buried 360 veterans, some of them alive.

Fraud of five million rubles accused the head of the Department of social security and pensions of the military Commissariat of the city of Nizhneudinsk and Nizhneudinsk area Svetlana Budaeva, senior assistant head of Department of social service of pensioners and members of their families the centre’s welfare recruiting office Perfilieva Tatiana and Natalia Prutchenkov actually steering FE “Bychkov O. S.” and SP “Usachev A. P.”, which specialized in funeral services.

Three women from December 2006 to September 2010 virtual “set” monuments in the cemetery, including, as noted by the press, living veterans. According to the law of the family of participants of the great Patriotic war have the right to the establishment of monuments on the graves by the state. This enterprising lady decided to earn some money: according to investigators, they made fictitious documents on death and burial 360 veterans. For each of the certificates they received in the military Irkutsk region compensation of costs allegedly incurred for the burial and installation of monuments.

Budaeva, having access to the archives, looking for deceased veterans and equated categories of citizens. Perfil-check this information in the system of automated accounting of regional recruiting office, and then Prutchenkov on behalf of the representative of the Fraternal branch of JSC “Military-the memorial company” has sent requests to the Registrar with a request to provide duplicate copies of death certificates. Continued technical work: make up a fictitious death certificate, contracts for the provision of funeral services with imaginary applicants, fictitious acts of acceptance of works for the burial and installation of monuments.

The most striking was the final stage of frauds: to get compensation from the state for the cost of “burial”, it was necessary to submit accounting documents. Has been supposedly established monuments were drawn in a computer photo editor: basing on the picture of any tombstone memorial, it erased the names and dates and enter new ones. The lime was applied to the documents on the basis of which fake funeral firms are compensated. Only ill-minded women “Nagornyi” for 5.3 million rubles.

In the summer of 2014 defendant sentenced in Nizhneudinsk municipal court. Perfiliewi appointed punishment in the form of deprivation of liberty for a term of five years with serving in a corrective colony of General regime and fined 500 thousand rubles. Budaeva appointed 4.5 years of imprisonment conditionally with a trial period in three years and a fine of 300 thousand rubles. Prutchenkov was sentenced to four years conditionally with a trial period of three years and a fine of 500 thousand rubles, wrote “Rossiyskaya Gazeta”.

Perfiliewi and Budaeva, the court banned for two years from holding positions related to performing administrative and administrative functions, maintenance of material values and also associated with the movement and control of funds in government, municipal bodies and institutions, as well as the Armed forces of the Russian Federation, other troops of the Russian Federation. At the same time the court satisfied the claim of the injured party for the recovery from all defendants in solidary order 532 thousand rubles.

Similar criminal proceedings took place in other regions. At the end of March 2013 in Tambov court begins hearing about the Scam with the monuments to veterans. The investigators, a former employee of the Lipetsk Bryansk military Eugene for six years helped to fraudsters about 40 million rubles for the installation of a non-existent tombstones. It is noteworthy that the monuments for the accounting of securities, also painted in Photoshop.

In Samara earlier the head of the Department of services for pensioners Olga Soldatova and head of the centre’s welfare oblvoenkomata Sergey Alekseev had also issued false documents to a “burial” and “reburial” of veterans. For six years on “burial” four people they received from the state of 100 million rubles. In respect of Sodovoy and Alekseyev was prosecuted under article “Swindle in especially large size”.

Krasnoyarsk official stole 200 thousand rubles allocated for the beautification of the graves of veterans 03.10.2017

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