In the Krasnodar region on the night of September 9, unknown assailants attacked activists of the Russian branch of the environmental organization Greenpeace and volunteers who came to fight forest fires. As reported by “Novaya Gazeta”, the attackers were about eight people in all were masks. Prior to that, the activists complained that in their way to fight fires.

“We stopped for the night on the grounds of one of the volunteers. It happened at about midnight. The attackers climbed over the fence and began to smash. They had batons, knives, guns. Beat machine, cut of wheel, cut of the tents, beat people,” – said the head of Greenpeace fire project Gregory Kuksin. One of the attackers threw stun grenades.

As they say in the message on the website of Greenpeace, a specialist in environmental law Michael Kreindlin a broken nose and probably concussion. Have a volunteer from Zabaykalsky Krai Andrey Polomoshnova probably broken ribs. They received surgical care. The activists also stole some valuable equipment.

According to kuksina, the attackers told the environmentalists that if they don’t get out there until morning, their “no one else will find.” They also drove the volunteers to America, in his pendosov”, and the gate of the camp paint wrote “Here pendosy”. Kuksin believes that they were attacked by the young chavs sporty.

Environmentalists arrived in Krasnodar Krai on 5 September for fighting reed and steppe fires in the deltas of rivers and on the coast of the Azov sea, as well as for training of volunteer firefighters from the conservation organization “Environmental watch on North Caucasus”. However, the problems pursued from the beginning.

On September 7, the head base “Malyy Beysug, which is located on the expedition, suddenly asked the firefighters to leave her. Not explaining his actions, he returned the money paid to him for the accommodation of the volunteers at the base, and said they must leave her in the middle of the night, reported on the website of the organization. The activists were forced to break camp.

However, in a new place activists also began to threaten. According to kuksina, they came to the Cossacks of Kuban Cossack troops and tried to blame the environmentalists that they themselves set fire to the steppe. According to environmentalists, local authorities, including the Vice-Governor of Krasnodar region Yuri Gritsenko, knew about the arrival of firefighters and had nothing against their work in the region, there were no conflicts and problems with the MOE. The only body which has failed to establish a relationship with the local Department of the FSB, which did not answer the organization on request.

“In all my work with fire, I have never seen in any region. I can not understand, whom we could cross the road. Someone’s fear before the election? I have no explanation why such a level of aggression you can squeeze the fire group,” said Kuksin.

Activists currently moved to another place, and expressed a desire to cooperate with the investigation and help find those responsible. They stressed that they would continue to deal with the problem of wildfires in the Delta of the Kuban.

Kuban “gopota sporty” beat the activists of Greenpeace and fire volunteers 09.09.2016

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