The implementation of “may decrees” of the President in terms of growth of public sector wages should postpone. This opinion, according to RIA “Novosti”, stated the head of the Fund “Center of strategic research” and ex-Finance Minister Alexei Kudrin said at a business Breakfast Sberbank in the framework of the International investment forum “Sochi-2016″.

“To raise wages at prestudy income, we must reduce the repairs of schools, provision of equipment, provision of equipment and relevant materials for hospitals. This dangerous maneuver. I could’ve done a longer period for the execution of these decrees was postponed to more optimally perform in a compressed budget, these obligations,” he said.

According to Kudrin, these problems need to be solved, but in the longer term. “Now given the fact that our economy as it fell… you need to increase the salary only to the extent of increasing revenues,” – said the head of CSR.

However, he believes that it is necessary to reallocate the budget to increase spending on education, healthcare and infrastructure.
The head of the TSSR proposes to increase funding for these sectors by changes in the structure. “We need to raise the retirement age and make social spending more targeted. We can’t go,” he added.

According to Kudrin, from 2014 to 2019 in Russia in real terms fall in spending of all budgets can be 19-20%.

Recall the “may decrees” is a series of decrees signed by Vladimir Putin on may 7, 2012 on the day of his inauguration as Russian President. The implementation of most of the tasks set by the decrees, should be completed by 2018.

According to these decrees the main indicators that should be achieved by 2018, growth in real wages in the social sphere, particularly in health and education, in 1,5 times, affordable housing, 60% of families, the creation of 25 million high-performance workplaces, growth of 1.5% in labour productivity, the rearmament of the army by 70%. By 2017 were instructed to increase the volume of investments in fixed capital not less than 27% of GDP.

In early September the Ministry of Finance has proposed to freeze the salaries of public servants for the next three years. This measure will not apply to doctors, teachers, figures of science and culture, noted the Agency.

Previously, the newspaper Vedomosti learned about the Finance Ministry’s proposal to reduce defense spending in the next three years by 6%. One of the sources claimed that 1% of the proposed savings will reallocate to priority programmes and projects.

Alexey Kudrin Deputy Chairman of RF government – Minister of Finance from may 2000 to September 2011. 25 Sep 2011 Kudrin in conversation with journalists in Washington, where he participated in a meeting of the International monetary Fund, reported serious differences with the then Russian President Dmitry Medvedev and refused to work in the future government under his leadership after the 2012 elections. The next day, Medvedev sent Kudrin to resign.

30 April 2016: President Putin appointed Kudrin Deputy Chairman of the economic Council under the President. A few days earlier Kudrin headed the CSR informed the journalists that on behalf of Putin will be engaged in preparation of strategy of development of Russia after 2018. The programme should be ready by the summer of 2017 and, according to the head of CSR may become a de facto program of Vladimir Putin in the presidential election in 2018.

Kudrin advised to partially defer the implementation of “may decrees” 30.09.2016

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