The head of the Center for strategic research, former Finance Minister Alexei Kudrin has put forward another idea for saving budget money: it is proposed to freeze social support of Russians with incomes above the subsistence level. Earlier Kudrin proposed to postpone the implementation of “may decrees” President Vladimir Putin, providing for the growth of public sector wages.

In an interview with RNS Kudrin said that the current system of social assistance is ineffective and does not relieve the country from poverty. “We need to reallocate more resources to the needy, and a number of categories can be, at least to freeze support. Not to abolish, but to freeze. May not be indexed, because we have people with middle income are already above the subsistence level, the above two subsistence which receive aid, and we have it in the first place to send those who have problems getting less than two living wages,” said the ex-Minister of Finance.

He said: “Those who are in need should receive more. Today we have a claim to the current system of social assistance, it is very expensive and inefficient, it does not eliminate us those areas of poverty that need.”

The theme of poverty has become one of the main in the Saturday performance of other officials – Deputy Prime Minister for social Affairs Olga Golodets. She spoke about “sustainable growth of poverty in Russia and that about 2 million state employees now working for minimum wage.

According to her, in 2017, all social benefits, except for maternity capital will be indexed according to the legislation on the rate of inflation. In 2016, the number of allowances to be indexed at 7% rather than inflation (12.9% in 2015). In addition, pensions were indexed to 4%.

According to Rosstat, the number of poor in Russia is growing at a record pace. Last year the poor was 3.1 million more – a total of 19.2 million In 2016, the situation worsened: in January – March the poor in the country was considered one of seven citizen (22.7 million).

Two days ago, Kudrin offered another means serious savings on payments of salaries to state employees – be careful to add the salary by the amount not higher inflation. “To raise wages at prestudy income, we must reduce the repairs of schools, provision of equipment, provision of equipment and relevant materials for hospitals. This dangerous maneuver. I could’ve done a longer period for the execution of these decrees (decrees of Putin), postponed to more optimally perform in a compressed budget, these commitments… you need to increase the salary only to the extent of increasing revenues,” said he.

On April 30, President Vladimir Putin, Kudrin was appointed Deputy Chairman of the economic Council under the President. A few days earlier Kudrin headed the CSR informed the journalists that on behalf of Putin will be engaged in preparation of strategy of development of Russia after 2018. This year in Russia prezidentskie next scheduled election.

Kudrin proposed to freeze social support of Russians with incomes above the subsistence level 01.10.2016

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