Deputy Chairman of the Economic Council under the President of Russia Alexey Kudrin did not rule out an error in the work of law enforcement bodies of the Russian Federation, commenting on the case of bribe extortion against Alexei Ulyukayev sent by November 15 to resign from the post of Minister of economic development in connection with loss of trust. The arrest policy of the former Finance Minister called “a great tragedy”.

Review Kudrin has sounded in new York at the Exchange forum “Moscow exchange”, reports “Interfax”. “We understand that the even law enforcement, there are mistakes, we do not have full confidence in some of the steps. I know the experiences of other officials that were released after the arrest and all charges against
they starred. We have such practice in Russia. In this regard, we are now waiting for further steps and clarifications from the Investigative Committee”, – the politician said.

Day 15 Nov Kudrin wrote in the Twitter that in the case of speaker “too many questions”. “We need an objective investigation”, – the politician noted.

Speaking in new York, Kudrin called the arrest of the speaker’s tragedy and the failure of the government. “The arrest of such a high official who was in charge of economic policy, interaction with business, is a great tragedy, a serious event, it is, of course, affects the functioning of the government. This is a serious failure in the government”, – told ex-the Minister of Finance.

“We still have no idea how it happened, why it happened in the territory of Rosneft. It is hard to imagine that someone with Rosneft wanted to argue,” said Kudrin, adding that there are a number of uncertainties that I would like to overcome.

The former Finance Minister noted that he sees no political motive and anti-privatization. Rosneft is primarily a state company, the decision to privatize was taken by the state. The government fully participated in it. I think that the speaker has not made a final decision about the “Bashneft”. Whatever he may have had the position, the final decision or the Prime Minister or President,” he suggested.

Kudrin doubts that the speaker could seriously interfere with or affect the decision to privatize the oil company. “For what he actually wanted to get some sort of reward – I don’t have questions,” admitted the economist.

The Minister of economic development Alexei Ulyukayev was arrested on Monday while accepting a bribe of 2 million dollars for issued a positive assessment of the Department, which allowed Rosneft to buy back the state of 50.08% of shares of “Bashneft”. According to investigators, the speaker, extorting bribes, threatened the representatives of “Rosneft”. In the UK noted that questions to the transaction for the sale of shares of “Bashneft” company “Rosneft” in investigation no.

Kudrin, Ulyukayev commenting on the case in new York, said the lack of full confidence in the work of law enforcement bodies in Russia 16.11.2016

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