In the Kemerovo region of 60-year-old resident of the city of polysaevo was sentenced to more than four years in prison on charges of illegal cultivation of narcotic plants because of the poppy, which he cultivated on his plot, according to the regional Ministry of internal Affairs.

In July 2016, the staff of criminal investigation Department found in the yard of a private house of the pensioner 320 bushes of opium poppy that was confirmed by expertise. Against him opened a criminal case under paragraph “C” of part 2 of article 231 of the criminal code.

According to investigators, the man purposefully cultivated opium poppy with the aim to harvest and care for the plantings: watered, weeded, and even fed fertilizers, the report says.

In the end, Leninsk-Kuznetsk city court sentenced narcirema to four years three months ‘ imprisonment in a General regime colony.

Traces of opium can be found in any Mac

Growing food poppy in Russia is not prohibited, but experts said that traces of opium are when testing any Mac, even suprocasino. According to experts, thousandths of a gram of the drug is all crackers, rolls and other baked goods with poppy seeds sold in grocery stores, while the GOST does not allow any impurities in the Mak: no straw, no drugs.

In recent years, in Russia there were many cases when for the cultivation and sale of food poppy harshly punished ordinary citizens, including pensioners.

Last summer, in the Nizhny Novgorod region a few elderly inhabitants of a remote village have become involved in criminal cases of illegal cultivation of narcotic plants over a few bushes of poppy found on their gardens by police as part of operation “poppy”.

Themselves latter-day “cultivators” are sure that the guards decided just to fulfill the plan, to put a tick in the financial statements. The retirees said that they offered to “candidly admit” and not to protest. However, the villagers decided to appeal to journalists and authorities to give the story a lot of publicity.

Fell by the article and by private entrepreneurs. Great public resonance was caused by history of the Voronezh family of entrepreneurs Polukhina. Four relatives were engaged in baking bread rolls with poppy seeds and sold them at the family cafe, but in the end they were convicted of illegal sale of drugs and sentenced to eight years each.

Meanwhile, cases are known when the cultivation of poppy in your garden caught the people’s representatives. So, in September 2012 in Zabaykalsky Krai police detained 35-the summer Deputy of Khilok the city Council, upon discovering his plot 1870 bushes of poppy. In addition, the Deputy found more than one hundred grams of dried poppy straw and about 20 grams of dried cannabis.

Kuzbass pensioner was jailed for 4 years for watering and weeding Mac 16.11.2016

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