Anna Kournikova and Svetlana Kuznetsova on the survey of journalists is included in tennis Hall of fame, reports the press service of the organization.

Kuznetsova and Kournikova won in the category of “Modern tennis players and figures of tennis.” In the category “Pioneers of Russian tennis” first place was taken by Tatyana Nalimova, the best player the second half of the XX century was chosen Alexander Zverev Sr., and the best coach was Svyatoslav Mirza.

Kuznetsova today is the best representative of Russia in a rating of Female tennis Association in singles – it is located on the eighth row. During her career she won four tournaments of Grand slam.

Kournikova is the only Russian tennis player, became the first racket of the world in doubles. She has twice won the Australian Open in a pair of Martina Hingis. Anna retired in 2003.

Alexander Zverev – multiple winner of the USSR Championships in singles and doubles, is known for performances for the national team in the Davis Cup. Subsequently as a coach. Both of his sons in favor of Germany.

Tatyana Nalimova – the strongest doubles player of the USSR of the second half of 30’s-early 50-ies of the last century. During the siege of Leningrad, worked as an instructor teaching soldiers bayonet. Since 1996, in St. Petersburg the tournament is held in her memory.

Svyatoslav Mirza – the deserved trainer of Russia, in the 60-70-ies was one of the strongest players in the country. He has trained athletes such as Vadim Borisov, rouse islanova and Anastasia Myskina.

Kuznetsova and Kournikova are included in tennis Hall of fame 10.10.2016

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