The Moscow city court has pronounced a sentence 33-to the summer native of Central Asia, who was found guilty in two murders of elderly women for robbery. An attacker penetrated into the homes of the victims, posing as the employee of a delivery service of medical equipment.

According to the court the citizen of Kyrgyzstan Farkhod Habibulaev will spend behind bars for 24 years. The first 10 years he will be in prison, and then the murderer will be transferred to a correctional colony of strict regime, reports the official site of Prosecutor’s office of Moscow.

The verdict based on the jury’s verdict.

It is established that Habibulaev came home to lonely elderly Muscovites under the guise of service delivery medical devices. “Taking advantage of the fact that women, by their age and physical condition were not able to defend themselves, “courier” they killed and stole property of the victims,” – said in a press release.

So, 25 may 2015 the apartment on Simferopolsky Boulevard Habibulaev attacked a 76-year-old woman, strangled her and stole from the apartment of 20 thousand rubles.

24 June 2015, he committed another assault in an apartment house on Nagornaya street worker strangled 88-year-old Muscovite, as well as stabbed her at least seven blows to the head and torso blunt hard object. Then the man searched the apartment, took away 70 thousand rubles, and the order of the Patriotic war I degree, order of the red Star, two orders of red banner, order of Lenin, stored as the memory of the dead in the war, half brother of the murdered hero of the Soviet Union, pilot-attack aircraft Gennady Aleksandrov.

Habibulaev incriminated the item “and,, W” h 2 item 105 (“Murder of two persons known to the perpetrator in a helpless state, combined with robbery”), item “C” of part 4 of article 162 (“the Robbery made with illegal penetration into dwelling, with causing of heavy harm to health of victims and also with the use of objects used as a weapon”) the criminal code of the Russian Federation.

Kyrgyz citizen killed in Moscow pensioners under the guise of a courier, got 24 years in prison 29.11.2016

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