The big retailers in Germany to stop selling masks of clowns, murderers and garments in light of the growing number of attacks dressed in clownish outfits of bandits on people, reports Süddeutsche Zeitung. First about the decision to remove from the shelves of its stores mask announced trading giant Kaufhof, and then his example was followed by the chain Karstadt. But Deiters still sells them.

In recent weeks, German criminals are increasingly using the image of the clown killer to attack. In October, police said about 370 incidents. This fashion came from the USA.

For example, in the German Rostock was recently beaten by 19-year-old boy. He was attacked by a malefactor in the guise of a clown. Similarly dressed two of the three robbers who broke into a pizzeria in Potsdam.

On October 21, armed with an ax, “the clown killer” assaulted 10-year-old boy in Munich. A frightened child was able to leave her abuser on the bike and to report the incident to his parents who contacted police.

Such incidents have alarmed the police. The interior Minister of Bavaria Joachim Hermann said on October 24 that draws on the theme of clowns-murderers is simply unacceptable. “Such disgusting jokes can be terrible consequences”, – said the Minister. He promised to bring to responsibility each of the culprit, who decided to threaten people under the guise of a comedian maniac.

The Minister of justice of the Federal state of North Rhine – Westphalia Thomas Cotati also noted that the attempt to frighten people clown mask can lead to death, such as heart attack. Accordingly, the Minister said the organisers of these pranks criminals deserving of imprisonment for up to one year.

Fashion to scare people in clown suits spread to the US in August after
message from Greenville in South Carolina, where a man disguised as
a clown with a red curly wig, tried to lure children into the woods. Since then, reports of scary clowns came from 20 States, including new York and Ohio.

Then dangerous pranks spread to the UK, where a student dressed up
a clown with a chainsaw to scare the friends University campus.
Incidents of recorded clowns in Norwich, Durham, Kidlington,
Gloucestershire. Clowns chased the children and women, good sense of humor from Kidlington
armed with a baseball bat, the Joker from Durham machete,
Gloucestershire six clowns appeared with knives. There were reports of
attacks people in clown masks robbing schools and other
public buildings.

In October of an odd fashion spread in Australia and New Zealand after numerous reports of encounters with creepy clowns Australian police have issued warnings to those who are going to violate the law, hiding behind clown masks. But Scotland Yard has urged Britons not to leave the house in clown suits, not to hysteria. Also, the Russian Embassy in London has warned Russians about the dangers of meeting with the British clowns. Incidents involving clowns record in Switzerland and in Sweden.

Russia also recorded a crazy clown. In St. Petersburg’s Kupchino district clown with a plunger in hand attacked moving on the road car. To get rid of not very funny traffic participant was only after the driver ran from the car, knocked him down and dragged him to the curb.

It should be noted, coulrophobia or fear of clowns, became widespread in the late twentieth century. Some experts believe that the phenomenon marked the beginning of the movie “It”, filmed in 1990 in the book by Stephen king. The painting introduced a kind of fashion for clowns-villains in film.

Large stores Germany refused to sell the mask of “the clown killers”, not to help maniacs 28.10.2016

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