The Minister of foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation Sergey Lavra, said that Washington and London in their hysterics reach of slander in connection with the situation in Syria, reports “Interfax”.

“If we talk about it, now the background of what is happening
around Syria, our Western partners, primarily the Americans, and
the British, already up in their hysterics to public insults,
using words like “barbarism”, “a war crime”, –
said the foreign Minister in the movie “I firmly decided. Yevgeny Primakov”
the TV channel “Russia 1″.

The Minister recalled the bombing of Yugoslavia, US, noting that “it is
was the first armed attack in Europe against a sovereign state
after 1945″.

“Let me remind you, the aggression against the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia was
involves attacks on a huge number of civilian objects
including, among other things, television of Serbia, the bridges, which was
civilian passenger trains, and much more. Thousands dead,
them a few hundred children a quarter of a million refugees, about which no one
then more remembered,” – said Lavrov.

Sergey Lavrov reminded that the turn of Primakov over the Atlantic is associated with the
he didn’t see the possibility to “fly to the Vice-President of the United States
Albert Gore for some important, but fairly routine negotiating
rout” after he learned that the United States began the bombing of Yugoslavia.

“If Russia in the person of Yevgeny Primakov did not react so
how he reacted to this gross violation of international law,
we probably then would not forgive a very long time and our
the story would have added a very unpleasant page. He made it so that
Russia showed their character and took the right position on
the moment”, – said the Russian foreign Minister.

From 24 March to 9 June 1999, Serbia and Montenegro, which was part of the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia (FRY), were subjected to NATO bombing in connection with ethnic cleansing in Kosovo.

The famous turn of Primakov over the Atlantic occurred on 24 March 1999. The Prime Minister went on an official visit to the US, however, learning in flight on the NATO decision to bomb Yugoslavia, ordered to deploy lettered Board, who were already over the Atlantic ocean and returned to Moscow.

Lavrov called the hysterical reaction of the West in the situation around Syria 31.10.2016

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