The Minister of foreign Affairs of Russia Sergey Lavrov commented on the closing of accounts of the Russian TV channel RT (Russia Today) in the UK. The diplomat hinted at retaliatory action from Moscow and stressed that it could not be an independent decision of the Bank NatWest.

Apparently, Lavrov was referring to the political component. “It is clear as day that the decision was taken not this Bank”, – said the head of the Russian foreign Ministry, quoted by “Interfax”.

“The situation is quite obvious, and I think that you need to remember the old wisdom, which says something like: “never treat others as you would not want them to treat you”. That’s all,” – said Lavrov reporters.

The Times: RT is not news, but a conspiracy in the service of the autocrat killer

Previously the foreign Ministry saidthat Moscow with deep concern greeted the news of the closure of the accounts. “This situation entails insurmountable obstacles for the normal functioning of the TV channel in the UK, creating a background to see in this step, the Bank agreed with the official London campaign to eliminate uncomfortable for British officialdom, but the popular among the British public news site,” – said the Agency.

“If so, then there is the fact of gross violation of the fundamental principles of freedom of speech and press from the outside, both call themselves the British themselves, “one of the oldest democracies in the world,” – said in a press release.

NatWest has warned the channel that the Bank will cease to provide services to the service cards through the month, that is November 14, 2016. The provision of other banking services NatWest intends to terminate from 12 December of this year. The Bank said that if RT will not be able to find an alternative, the company will return the money remaining on the balance sheet, in the form of a check.

Additionally, the representatives of the Bank Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS), which includes NatWest, said that while all the accounts of RT remain open. “Such decisions are not made lightly. We analyze the situation and contact the customer to discuss the issue. Bank accounts remain open and are still working,” said the Bank. Now a controlling stake of RBS is owned by the Ministry of Finance of the UK.

Problems in RT in the UK began in the last year. In September 2015, the British representation of BBVA Bank refused to transfer money to the TV station, then known as Russia Today, explaining that it may have against Director General MIA “Russia today” Dmitry Kiselev, included in the sanctions list of the European Union. Then the canal was to transfer funds received from the sale of advertising in the UK. In July of the same year in London
arrested by the Agency “Russia today”.

Lavrov hinted at possible retaliatory measures due to problems with the accounts of RT in the UK 18.10.2016

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