The head of the Russian foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov during his visit to Serbia is depicted in photographs next to a man who is wanted by Interpol on suspicion of involvement in an attempted coup in Montenegro to overthrow his Pro-Western government, reports AP on Thursday, December 15.

Nemanja Ristic, who stood near Laurel on 12 December during a ceremony in memory of the Soviet soldiers killed during the liberation of Belgrade in 1944, ultrapro involved in the Pro-Russian movement “of Zavetnyy”, whose members attended the ceremony.

“Although the ristić issued a red Interpol warrant, he apparently moves freely around Belgrade, in favor of said placed in a Facebook photo,” writes Cafe del Montenegro. AP also wonders how the ristić allowed so close to Lavrov, considering he was in 2012, he served time for murder, and in 2015, the court sentenced him to psychiatric treatment for threatening to murder former U.S. Ambassador in Belgrade Michael Kirby, as well as local journalist and attorney of the High court of Belgrade.

Sam ristich, denying their connection with events in Montenegro, says that he was on a photo “accidentally”. Thus on his page in Facebook was clearly not accidentally done by him selfe on the background of Russian foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov; the picture reproduced in the article Vijesti. In his appearance at the cemetery, where are buried the liberators of Belgrade, the radical does not see anything reprehensible.

Meanwhile, the Minister of justice of Montenegro Zoran Pazin told the newspaper Dnevne Novine Serbia, like all member States of Interpol have to give ristić and two other Serbian citizens convicted of conspiracy, which was to prevent the accession of Montenegro to NATO.

“These responsibilities include assisting in the investigation, search and arrest of persons accused of committing serious crimes such as terrorism and the creation of a criminal organization. After their detention the Ministry of justice will act in accordance with national laws and relevant international Treaty,” he said and added that the Ministry has appealed to Serbia’s request for extradition of these individuals (quoted by Radio Televizija Crne Gore).

October 16, the day of parliamentary elections in Montenegro was arrested about 20 people who were accused that they tried to kill the Prime Minister of the country and to seize the Parliament building in the capital Podgorica. Among them are members of right-wing organizations, former members of paramilitary groups who fought in the Donbass.

On suspicion in coordinating their actions, arrested two spies from Russia, they were allowed to return to Russia, despite the statements of the Serbian authorities that they followed the movements of the then Prime Minister of Montenegro, Milo Djukanovic. On 7 December the Montenegrin authorities have announced their in the international search. Also by Interpol was declared wanted three Serbs, in addition to ristić, documents in the national Bureau of Interpol in Podgorica Predrag served on Bogicevica and Milos Jovanovic.

The Secretary of the Russian security Council Nikolai Patrushev in November during a visit to Belgrade brought an apology for the participation of Russians in the coup attempt. How to write the Western media, the Kremlin denies any involvement but supports the Montenegrin groups opposed to the country’s membership in NATO.

Lavrov’s trip to Serbia was held on December 12-13. Before you start, some Western media wrote about the “Russian threat” by quoting the statement of the President of Croatia Kolinda Grabar-Kitarovic about the fact that Russia through Serbia wants to provoke new conflicts in the Balkans, while others (in particular, the Polish Gazeta Wyborcza) argued that between the EU and Russia is a real battle with the aim to win over Serbia on your side.

Lavrov in Serbia photographed with a member of the anti-government conspiracy in Montenegro 15.12.2016

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