The Minister of foreign Affairs of Russia Sergey Lavrov in an extensive interview to “the First channel” told about the difficulties in establishing a dialogue with the West – in particular, on the Syrian issue. He lamented the fact that in relation to Putin “in some Western capitals” are competing in the choice of epithets on the principle of “who will surpass”. And the President of Russia as Lavrov remember, never spoke about colleagues disrespectfully. Full text of the interview published on the foreign Ministry website.

Lavrov pays much attention to the description of the failed attempts to establish a dialogue on Syria and the role of the United States. He told about some “grievances” of the United States, which explained the preservation of “independent” Russia’s position: “What a figure can have some inner sense that America is something not to do as we would like, or tries to do it, but it fails. Feeling gradual, but still care this simagustina”.

“As teenagers. When John Kerry was appointed U.S. Secretary of state, we talked about it and both agreed that relations need to build a grown-up (even this term was used), children without insults. But not at all impossible,” – said the head of the Russian foreign Ministry.

He noted that in some countries are not held and personal insults to the Russian leader: “against Putin in some Western capitals has become a “normal good manners” to respond to epithets by the principle, who will surpass”. While Lavrov stressed: “I cannot recall a single time when the President of the Russian Federation somehow disrespectful comments about any of his colleagues, this colleague against Russia did not take and did not say”.

What about the leaders in question, Lavrov said. However, acting foreign Minister of Ukraine Andriy Deshchitsa was fired after the execution together with protesters near the Russian Embassy in Kiev abusive songs against the President of Russia.

Lavrov also said that Russia is aware of its responsibility even about broken treaties. So, he emphasized that Moscow under any circumstances will not be of military use plutonium covered by the agreement with the United States, of which Russia this week came out: “This is our commitment. But it is pointless to cooperate when the other side plays slightly in a one-sided game and does not fulfill its obligations. This, by the way, the question of negotiability”.

Lavrov said about the competition of the Western leaders epithets against Putin 09.10.2016

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