The Russian foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov said that Russia has irrefutable evidence of sabotage in the Crimea, the prevention of which on 10 August was reported by the FSB. Meanwhile it became known about new suspects detained in the case of the preparation of the explosions on the Peninsula.

The existence of irrefutable evidence of the involvement of the Ukrainian military to sabotage Lavrov said on Monday, August 15, at a press conference following talks with foreign Minister of Germany Frank-Walter Steinmeier in Yekaterinburg. “In addition to what you see on television, we have irrefutable evidence that it was a diversion that was planned long ago by the line of the Main intelligence Directorate of the Ministry of defense of Ukraine and was aimed at destabilizing the situation in the Russian Crimea”, – said the Russian foreign Minister (quoted by “Interfax”).

According to Lavrov, Russia is ready to provide Western partners additional evidence of the fact of attempt of sabotage in the Crimea. “We are open to provide additional facts beyond those which were presented to the public, our Western partners who are actually interested in the fact that such things did not happen” – said the Minister of foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation.

It is worth noting that the report of the FSB on the preparation of the Ukrainian intelligence explosions on the Peninsula has jeopardized talks on the situation in Ukraine. Russian President Vladimir Putin on August 10, after reports of the Federal security service of the Russian Federation on the attempt of suppression a sabotage, called meaningless meeting in the “Norman format”, which would be held in September at the G20 summit in China.

In addition, Lavrov warned that Russia would take measures to prevent any attempt of sabotage in the Crimea. “We appreciate the interest of Germany, which today Mr. Steinmeier confirmed that such incidents were no more. But no matter what, no matter how our Western partners will work with their friends in Kiev, we on behalf of the President will take the necessary measures to any attempt such infiltrations on our territory nipped in the Bud”, – said the Russian foreign Minister during the press conference.

Earlier, a close to the defense Ministry source, “Vedomosti” reported that during the meeting of the Russian security Council dedicated to prevented the attempted terrorist attacks in Crimea, were not developed specific measures in respect of Ukraine. They tasked relevant agencies and ministries. The main outcome of the meeting remained the strengthening of security measures on the Peninsula, the source said.

Meanwhile a source “Interfax” in law enforcement bodies has informed that the number in custody on the case of preparing acts of sabotage in Crimea increased to nine members, two of whom were arrested. “In the coming days they can be charged charges, including those associated with the organization of the terrorist act and complicity in terrorist activities,” – said the Agency interlocutor.

According to him, the other two detainees in the case were residents of Crimea, recently received Russian citizenship.

About 10 people are on the case as witnesses. According to the source, it is possible that the status of some of them will change to suspects.

The Kiev district court of Simferopol on 11 August arrested the alleged head of a group of saboteurs of the inhabitant of the Zaporozhye area of Ukraine Evgeny Panov of two months. Soon, the media got the video of the interrogation of a Ukrainian, in which he admitted preparing acts of sabotage on the critical objects of the Peninsula. The prisoner said that a group of saboteurs consisted of staff officers of the Ukrainian intelligence, and the operation was planned by the defense Ministry of Ukraine.

Besides Panova, August 11 had established the identity of the second detainee on suspicion in preparation of acts of sabotage in the Crimea, Andrei Sahaja. Two days later, it also arrested.

The defense Ministry of Ukraine saidthat the lords had testified under pressure. Also in the defense Ministry noted that the lords and Sahta not belong to the personnel staff of the Main intelligence Directorate of Ukraine.

While sources in the Russian defense Ministry said on 12 August that the organizer and coordinator of the plan in the Crimea sabotage was chief intelligence officer of the 37th battalion of the 56th brigade of the Main intelligence Directorate of the Ukrainian defense Ministry captain Vladimir Serdyuk. Besides him, the group included the commander of the reconnaissance platoon 37th battalion, Lieutenant Alex sandul, officer Gur Callsign “Fox” Oleg Dmitrenko, scout Alexander Kirillov and Oleg Moskvitin.

The Ministry of defence of Ukraine it is statedthat “in the composition of the main intelligence Directorate never existed 37th battalion of the 56th brigade. The Ministry also assured that these sources of a person “are not employees of the Main intelligence Directorate of the Ministry of defense of Ukraine”.

He Serdyuk saidthat he served in the 37th battalion officer-psychologist, although the Ukrainian intelligence is a division, according to him, has no relation. The Ukrainian said that the service as a scout he’s not qualified, and his friends Sandula and Dimitrenko – health. Serdyuk also believes that the lords gave testimony under pressure.

Lavrov said about the “irrefutable evidence” of involvement of the Ukrainian intelligence to an attempt of sabotage in the Crimea 15.08.2016

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