Defenders Abdeslam of Salah, accused of organizing a series of explosions that took place in Paris in November 2015, said that they refuse to represent him in court because an alleged terrorist is not going to talk, and will exercise my right to remain silent, according to TV channel BFM TV.

Attorneys Frank Burton and Sven Marie told reporters: “We know and we believe his words, he will not speak and will use the right to silence. What can we do? We warned from the outset that if our client will be silent, we refuse to accept its protection.”

“We decided to refuse the protection of the Salah of Saudi Arabia, it’s not a retirement, it is a failure,” said Burton, adding that the testimony of the alleged organizer of the attacks was a prerequisite for its protection.

In April last year, when abdeslem Salah was handed over to the French authorities, Frank Burton described his client as “a volunteer as soon as possible to speak in French courts.” He was interrogated twice, in may and September, then in April decided to remain silent.

“We were convinced that he has something to say, and he would say, insists Frank Burton. But he won’t say anything. What a pity.” According to lawyers, relatives of the victims have a right to know about the terrible crimes to try “to understand the incomprehensible.”

Under French law the accused in criminal cases the right to a lawyer. In the case that the Mass will not be able to find new lawyers who will be willing to represent him, he will receive counsel.

Belgian lawyer Sven Marie began to represent the interests of Saudi Arabia after his arrest in Brussels in March this year. Marie known as the lawyer who undertake the defence of the accused of the most serious crimes with which other lawyers do not want to deal with, notes the BBC Russian service.

After Abdeslam extradited, Marie joined the French lawyer Frank Berton, who is among the most famous lawyers in the country, and his goal calls “help in distress” and “fight the system”.

The attacks in Paris took place on 13 November last year. A group of Islamists launched a series of attacks. So, three jihadists detonated a “suicide belt” at the Stade de France during a friendly match between France and Germany, which was attended by the President of France Francois Hollande. The terrorists also attacked a cafe La Belle Equipe, La Casa Nostra pizzeria, bar Le Carillon restaurant Le Petit Cambodge, Bataclan theatre. The victims of the terrorist attacks, 130, 352 were injured.

Abdeslem Salah is the brother of one of the Parisian suicide – Brahim Abdeslam. They lived in the Brussels commune of Molenbeek and had French citizenship. According to police, abdeslem Salah in the terrorist attacks 13 Nov was in Paris and he was wearing a suicide belt. However, it is not detonated explosive device and the same night, on the car of their friends back in Brussels. After that his trail for several months was lost: it was rumored that he went to Syria.

Lawyers Abdeslam accused of organizing the terrorist attacks in Paris, refused to defend him 12.10.2016

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