Lawyers of the Federation Council has called a violation of the principle of publicity in work of Executive power, the provisions made may 20 of the bill allowing not to discuss at meetings of the government decision on privatization, state subsidies and loans, according to RBC.

The constitutional Committee of the state Duma will consider a government bill on amendments to the constitutional law “About the government” at a meeting on Thursday. Deputies, most likely, will support it as the government initiatives are usually not rejected by the lower house of Parliament, said two of the Agency’s interlocutor in the state Duma.

The discussion of the bill, which was developed in the Ministry of justice, was not at all: he immediately entered in a consistent form. The amendments had no complaints and have the state legal Department of the President.

In the explanatory Memorandum to the draft notes that the need for such amendments is that in the 18 years since the adoption of the law there were “certain political changes and innovations in the system of public administration”.

The government proposes to solve only the questions, concerning activity of Executive bodies in the formation and execution of the Federal budget, legislative initiatives, or “other issues”.

This decision is largely due to the need to relieve the agenda of the meetings: the volume of questions is usually too big.

Previously experts have warnedthat derived from the list of mandatory to the discussion questions are too important to let the public know about decisions only after the acts already adopted and published.

About a quarter reduces the list of reasons for convening of the meetings of the Cabinet; first and foremost from the list of displayed foreign borrowing, privatization, financial support in the amount of at least RUB 100 million and the conclusion of international treaties of the Russian Federation. State-legal Department of presidential administration supported the initiative, which, however, has not calculated all the consequences that may arise after the adoption of the law.

Lawyers of the Federation Council did not approve the government’s intention to hide the discussion of privatization and hozaystvennih 02.06.2016

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