To the French authorities, the visit of Russian President Vladimir Putin, scheduled for October 19, and eventually cancelled, was “a major headache,” writes one of the most famous French Newspapers Le Monde in an editorial about the failure of the talks about Putin’s visit to Paris.

French authorities, according to the material of the publication, it was impossible to act like nothing happened after the Russian veto in the UN Security Council, blocked the French draft resolution, which demanded “immediate cessation” of Russian bombing of Aleppo”.

The French government hesitated what position to take regarding Putin’s visit, said Le Monde. They chose to cancel the visit or delay under some pretext. However, as the newspaper notes, the preferred version from the beginning was “reducing the level of visit.”

This visit was planned a year ago, the newspaper reminds. The Russian President was waiting for the opening of a Russian Orthodox cultural and spiritual center, including the Cathedral in Paris. However, after the events in the UN Security Council, the visit began to be perceived as private and French President Francois Hollande has offered to take him to discuss the situation in Syria.

The Kremlin refused, considering that humiliating for the Russian President, who “wants to act as the main, or rather Central actor in the international arena”, the newspaper writes and notes that the Kremlin compartment last sentence of Paris, postponing the visit of the Russian President to better times.

To bend Paris, Putin was counting on its traditional defenders, particularly on the right. Such as former Prime Minister and MP of the party “the Republicans” from Paris, françois Fillon, claimed that “of course,” the head of state should take his Russian colleague.

In addition, according to Le Monde, Putin also hoped to Thierry Mariani, member of “Republicans” from French citizens, known for the fact that he twice brought a delegation of French parliamentarians in Crimea, annexed in 2014. Mariani argued on the Russia Today TV channel that the refusal to meet Hollande “puts itself into a lackey of the us policy.”

Le Monde: the French authorities were preparing Putin’s visit was a major headache 11.10.2016

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